So We Probably Should Address Some Things

Yeah so things got a little bit nervous at Summer Jam when I decided to talk some truth about Nicki Minaj on the festival stage. Check out what happened below…

The rest is history…here is the history as told by some major news outlets….

Rolling Stone (written by the great Jeff Rosenthall)

The LA Times


Here’s my comments on TMZ yesterday….

38 thoughts on “So We Probably Should Address Some Things”

  1. Gassed? Need to hear some Juan Ep about this already man.
    It is the realness though much respect.

  2. Even though Pete might be hyping himself up and trying to get some publicity (nothing wrong with that by the way!) he has started a conversation about some of the terrible music coming out at the moment.

  3. Look into nikki’s first mixtape and see how she got her buzz off of a Canadian swag and how her flow changed after because she ran out of stolen work shes a fucking bitter….lol

  4. Rosenberg I respect everything you do for hip-hop. With that said, Starships is more underground than TMZ.

  5. Respect the business.

    I’m sure many personalities have strong opinions about Cold Play vs whom ever is the “Realness” in that genre”. but on stage at those festivals they don’t reference the Headliner in any negative way when truth be told headliners move the tickets . Most culturally aware people know a guy who knows guy to get them in free.

    Did you speak a opinion that I agreed with,Yes. Do you have freedom of speech, Yes. Did you remain consistent in the eyes of fans that carry the same flag of uninhibited, non-commercial artistic expression, Yes.
    As the host of a major festival that displays our culture globally did you disrespect the crossover artist the organization you choose to work for had chosen to be its main draw . Yes.

    Respect our business as well as they do in many other markets. Those markets have a far higher level of shit music that is so abundant that its just grey noise . Your approach is not empathic to our culture an its new level of exposure to the world.

    If you get fire you can move on the KROC 101 F.M.(fictitious example) and resume your career without a hitch. But it would be almost unspoken that at a KROC 101 you will not forget this is a business. No personalities is dissing Kiss because they prefer Arcade Fire, on stage as they are the Host of that event . Respect the business.

    You compromise your morals every morning you do your “commercial morning show”. Main stream radio DJs use to expose and educate the listers ears. Now PD’s are trying to hit quotas. But DJ’s compromise their morals to pay rent like the rest of us .

    I’m a Avid Juan Ep lister/culture nerd.

  6. I’d like for folks to realize the brilliant chess move that was played. Well done. well done.

  7. Kamikaze. Is not a Chess move. Japan still suffers with stockholm syndrome. Look at the 95% percent of anime characters.

  8. you’re the man! Nicki & Wayne should be ashamed of themselves. so what, you have an opinion just like everyone else, but yet, they took your opinion to heart. that’s radio & they know this. she knows she can’t please everyone. i would’ve respected her more if she dissed you on stage and then performed for her fans because at the end of the day, she’s supposed to perform for her fans that purchased a ticket to go see her. big ups to you. you did nothing wrong.

  9. I was watching the live stream when shit went down PMD. I was super hype like Rosenberg is going in! I never thought shit would blow up like it did. Can’t wait for that Juan Ep.

  10. Good job.

    I look forward to seein how this all plays out…hopefully you don’t get punched in the face Rosenberg.

  11. PS: If ever there was a time to direct traffic to Juan Epstein and get the grind going to were it deserves to be it’s now…

  12. You did the right thing in not apologizing PMD.

    Nicki, regardless of being disrespected, should do her job. My boss disrespects me everyday, I still go to work.

  13. Rosenberg,is there any way you can release the JuanEp episode 100 on Friday instead of Monday? You have all this attention on you from, TMZ, LA Times, NYTIMEs and etc. You and Ciph can use this attention to bring new listeners to the show while strengthening the relationship you guys have with your existing listeners. JuanEp!!!!!!!

  14. Why would you diss any artist who is taking the stage at a concert you are hosting? Whether or not YOU like the song is irrelevant. You are there to play what the PEOPLE want to hear. And the fact that you refuse to apologize only shows that your ego and pride are bigger than owning your mistakes and being a man! Real men admit their mistakes, apologize and move on! Period. And since when did Jews become “real hip-hop”?

  15. truth and real hip hop noise are probably really shareefee and love starships…foh! that was punk move by wayne and nicki (mostly wayne cause nikki said she would have preformed) and this is wayne fan talking. Ninjas need to quit catching feelings and catch flights #JETLIFE shout out to spitta and krit for 2 pleasing hip hop albums dropped yesterday!

    …and can’t wait for that new juan ep!


    For real buy that Curren$y today. Money talks blogging runs the marathon. Support with your paper. Respect the business.

  17. “real hip-hop” is multicultural, you idiot. when Hip-Hop was first born it wasn’t just Black kids doing it. You had Spanish kids, White kids. Hip-Hop was born from class, not race. Go watch “Style Wars” if you’re trying to talk about “real hip-hop”. Simp.

  18. real hip hop has BECOME multi-cultural…
    Style Wars is a movie! Were you on the block in the Bronx where it started? No! I was may have been a few Spanish brothers..but the “real hip-hop” started in the hood, the black hood!

  19. Have your opinion…but Don’t diss the artist who is headlining YOUR show! Bottom-line..that is wrong!

  20. The point is not to be a bigot..the point is that a Jewish person telling a black hip hop artist who is from the area where hip hop started that she is not real hip hop because of a few cross over songs is ludicrous. And to say it directly to HER fans is ridiculous. Then to stubbornly not apologize is crazy. He should be reprimanded for losing the biggest camp of artists out right now. Whether you like them or not! Like someone said in the lines above “know the biz”.
    And yes, I took it there… everyone acts like racism doesn’t exist with their fake ass political correctness!

  21. how can you say don’t be a bigot but then in the next breath talk about a “Jewish person”.

    and i definitely don’t agree with the “real Hip-Hop” you speak of. when you look at breakers it’s not just Black. graf writers, DJs. legends. it’s not ONE RACE. you saying it started in the hood is key. not the black hood, just the hood.

  22. Real Hip Hop Noise-is full of crap.
    Your point makes no sense and obviously you missed our earlier post. Where Peter brings out the 2. Young artists Brown Sugar 7 and 9 year old girls that ripped the stage for a Mobb Deep concert. Funny thing is we had JoJo the original founder of Rock Steady on stage at summer jam 2012. Herc and Bam were going to be there as well. How is that for authentic hip hop. Tell the board who you are and what you know, don’t just spew bullshit because its the flavor of the day. Black Spades, L.O.D, Decepticons choose you era bro. We have been in the Bronx for generations drop you name, we will be with Bam on the weekend. He still has the Zulu ledger, are you in it???
    Rosenberg and Hot 97 has helped us since we started.

    Nicki is not hiphop at would think coming from Queens she would know her history but her and the young dummies are just leaches sucking on the Hiphop artform they give nothing back to.

    Peace and Blessings,
    Brown Sugar

  23. Props to R-burg for what he said at summer jam. But hol up daaaawg – School boy q etc. the best you had to backstage to fill in the blank for “real hiphop” HAHA – they ish ain’t too far off from NM’s homie. They ish is DEF a far cry cray from LOW BUDGET and the REAL sound of the culture. If you’re going to call her out for reppin 8 08 pop, Make mention of the closest thing to real hiphop you got slated to come up. Cause them catz your were biggin up – AIN’T IT. And if you ain’t got nothing real lined up, which I guess you may not have, Then don’t say nothing!.

  24. This is the craziest double standard ever because if the tables were turned and it was a perfectly qualified black person being told he couldn’t comment on opera because he’s not “white” no one would stand for that. Let’s be better than this ppl.

  25. June 08, 2012: Last week, when DJ Peter Rosenberg went on stage and talked EXTRA GREAZY about YMCMBs Nicki Minaj causing the label to PULL HER from NYs Summer Jam concert. And it turns out that Nicki wasn’t the first woman he openly talked GREAZY about. In a exclusive report, we learned that he was talking GREAZY about his Morning show co-host … to a RIVAL radio station personality.

    Well now EXCLUSIVELY obtained text messages, that Rosenberg (a member of the Hot 97 Morning Show) sent to ANGELA YEE – who is now a member of the POWER 105.1 Morning Show. The two stations are RIVALS in the urban radio market, although Power 105′s Morning Show gets CONSISTENTLY better ratings than Hot 97s.

    In the messages, Rosenberg was spitting game – trying to get inside Angela PANNIE DRAWERS. At the time these messages were sent, learned, Rosenberg WAS working at the Hot 97 Morning Show, with co-host K-Foxx.

    And the messages are JUICY. Rosenberg starts off by spitting a very WEAK line at Angela. And when Angela asked whether Rosenberg had a girlfriend, he AVOIDED THE ISSUE. It turns out that Rosenberg is currently ENGAGED to that same woman he was with at the time these messages were sent.

    And there’s more. Rosenberg then DISSED HIS OWN Co-HOST, K Foxx. At one point during the conversation, Rosenberg told Angela that he wishes SHE was working with him on the Hot 97 Morning Show, instead of his co-host K-Foxx, whom he refers to as an “annoying” Miami chick.

    Wow, talking CRAZY about your own co-host … to another Morning Show host???? That’s very NO BUENO.

    Editor’s Update: It has come to our attention that Hot 97 is claiming that the texts are fake, they are NOT. We can certify that the screenshot IS IN FACT of texts sent by Rosenberg.

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