Juan Epstein Info!! (Subscribe, rate and review is all we ask!)

Yes first and foremost — if you are happy with the resurgence of the greatest podcast of ALL TIMES the only thing we ask is that you make sure you subscribe on itunes and have others do the same. And once you’re there — please rate and review so we can make this officially the number 1 hip hop podcast in the world.

Here’s the plan….we will be launching season 5 of Juan Ep in a few weeks and with that we will be making some changes. First of all — we will be dropping the Iphone app which is going to make the experience MUCH easier and will give everyone awesome access to what we are doing on mic and behind the scenes.

We will also be coming with a SCHEDULE of regular Juan Eps that everyone can count on like clockwork. We hope this will eventually build to what this podcast always should have been–the NUMBER ONE HIP HOP PODCAST in the world (with some wrestling and comedy).

We’re really excited about all of this and hope all of you are too. Please give us thoughts and suggestions.

Oh and watch Hip Hop Squares on Tuesday night at 11 pm. I won’t lie–Juan Ep heads are going to be amused by seeing me go all game show–and it’s a pretty dope show to boot.


Peter Rosenberg aka The Jewish Johnny Carson

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36 thoughts on “Juan Epstein Info!! (Subscribe, rate and review is all we ask!)”

  1. I’ve been happy w/ the JuanEp resurgence, and will definitely subscribe/review/spread words about it. This sounds great by the way.

  2. Have been a subscriber but just recently left a review. Nothing but good things to say about the show and the new advancements to routine. Much appreciated! Having said that… People that “LOVE” turtles are such Juan Ep posers.

  3. I don’t even listen to music at work anymore, I just listen to Juan Ep over and over again. Already subscribed! Whassup w/an Android ap though?

  4. Will do. Keep up the good work. I’d like to see Vashtie,
    Jensen Karp (Hot Karl) & a couple of others on Juan Ep
    When you guys get a chance.

  5. I hope you keep some simple ones once in a blue moon though..
    A little arguments or somethin.
    Please dont make it Hot 97 friendly..
    Love Yall though

  6. I like turtles, let’s get this app going. Keep up the great work. Already reviewed and subscribed years ago.

  7. Btw you guys gotta have Flex on the show one day. C’mon son! It’s going on 5 years & no Funk Flex. Smh

  8. Bout DAM TIME!

    keep doin what you do best Rosenberg!

    Loved the 50 interview you did over at ustream… next time that needs to be here on Juan Epstein!

  9. been spreading the world since I’ve heard this podcast, since you guys have been going in I’ve begun to spread the word again! KEEP IT UP PETEY

  10. Love the JuanEp podcast..but y’all need 2 update that..need 2 hear u ask Nas those gem questions?

  11. subscribed

    3 things:
    -mos def
    -and de la soul would be awesome
    -i hope that itunes and/or non-itunes feed is going to be the main way the podcasts are going to be published, and you dont need to like have the iphone app in order to listen to these (in the future) since many of us wouldnt have an iphone. i def don’t mind paying though

    alright, that’s all. really looking forward to new juan epsteins, thanks for the recent ones


    this is what i been waiting for years. the first few seasons of Juan Ep was so classic. Especially the one with you, Ciph, and Juanyto. You need to bring the tallest Mexican back. Ebro’s guest appearances were cool too. That cat is wild. I know I should not be complaining, but can you stick to the old format. Please don’t let half of it be for radio. Thank you for bring Juan Ep back. If you could have Kanye on that would be the ultimate. A real long pause sit down with Ye would be CRAZY. Thanks again Paul.

  13. Yo you guys came back with a vengeance. I notice you’re a big ghostface fan, I even saw that one interview you did way back when like fishcale was dropping, it cracked me up cause your seemed so much less confident than you do know haha. You guys have covered most people I’d like to hear speak candidly, but if you got anyone from the wu,damn son…( I know you did Method Man, but still.) I’m sure they’d have some crazy stories, regardless of what people thought of them in terms of contributors to the group, that is to say,even Cappadonna probably has wild fuckin tales from back in the day. reunite with Ghost if you can, you’re still a fan, and he’s personally my favorite rapper. But I’m just a lowly fan and you don’t owe me shit.
    Anyway as a fan of you guys, I got to say you’re doing an excellent job, whoever you guys get regardless will be good, it always is. Not to suck your dick too much, don’t want you to get gassed Rosenberg, but having a nerd like you in the game, and that real nigga ciph,2 people that love this shit so much and are such true fans of the genre anyway is superb, because some of us can relate to you, and feel your genuine excitement vicariously. I wish you nothing but success and the best, you deserve it.

  14. Don’t make it too professional sounding. Juan Ep works because it is loose and casual. Try and limit doing the bits you need for the radio during Juan Eps because it breaks up the flow.

    Can’t really criticise though, glad to have these on a schedule.

  15. I have a small complaint,
    the sound on the mics are never synchronized, the artists are often mad low and then rosenberg will come in snapping and screaming something and the volums just dont match.
    Having worked with college radio for six years, im all for the loose “dont care too much” attitude of the show, but come on…. this is basic radio stuff , and like you all have stated several times, “this is hot 97″ .
    Get the volums right please

  16. i don’t think it’s a mic issue, as much as some of these artists aren’t speaking directly into the mic. you can hear Ciph and Peter saying things like “talk direct into the mic”, etc.

  17. JUAN EP!!!!!!!!!!

    Honestly, I dont even need a guest every week, I just need that good ol Ciph and PMD chemistry. That episode where you and Ciph nerded out and Ciph tried to guess the BPMs of certain records was highly entertaining.

    Being as though I am a few years older now than my favorite artists were when they dropped their classics makes me thirsty podcasts that are as nostalgic about that era as I am.

  18. june ep Make you HUMBLE! Old Country way!Thanks FOR ALL THE JUAN EP.

    PEACE from A.A Ethiopia

  19. Yo I just came in here because I was shitting on you guys before when yall were slacking and it’s only right to come back and give you props for finally getting your shit together. That Curren$y episode was a classic man, T.I. one was interesting too, it’s good to see you guys are on the grind again.

    And yo, at the end of the day you guys don’t owe me or any of the fans of the show shit, but damn, you and ciph got the connects and the personalities to get some of the dopest hip hop stories that have never been told, and aren’t really being told in any other venues, out to the public. So again you guys don’t owe us anything, but man it was SO fucking disappointing to see yall completely wasting that opportunity. So props for getting on the grind and much success you guys in the future man, I’ll definitely let all my people know about the show. Basically this quote sums up how I’m feeling about the whole thing:

    “We hope this will eventually build to what this podcast always should have been–the NUMBER ONE HIP HOP PODCAST in the world (with some wrestling and comedy)”


    As far as guests I’m sure they’d all be interesting but ghostface is a MUST man, raekwon too really, rza and gza would be dope too. I’m cool on the rest of the crew though. And another must, OUTKAST. But either both or 3stacks alone. Mos Def for sure. Jay Electronica, seems like he’d be an interesting interview. Kanye. Basically just get all the illest rappers and/or the dudes with personalities, and mix some younger cats in too. Wale, Cudi, etc. And even get some of the southern dudes who don’t rap about shit (waka, 2chainz, etc.), just cause I’m really interested to see what some of those cats are about. Jeezy would probably good. Luda. 50 would be interesting. Kay Slay!! (didn’t yall do that already?) Basically anybody who is dope or who you feel would be a dope interview, get them. And yea get a couple ciph rosenberg shit talking eps in there too. Keep the same formula as always basically.

    Last point, the main thing I’ve noticed with the podcasts I listen to is sometimes they can be hit or miss (more hit than miss tho), but if you’re dropping them consistently it only takes a week (or less) to forget about a weak episode. Oh, and yea the mics of course. Fucked up volume really sucks man. Aight man, peace.

  20. This is all great news. Hopefully you guys will make the app available for listeners outside the US and please get Busta Rhymes on the podcast, I know he must have some serious stories to tell.

  21. This is great news!
    Subscribed and review written!
    Please keep it to just you and Ciph as much as possible – we love the show and how you guys are when there’s no guest.
    Will spread the word to all the heads here in Sydney, Australia.

  22. Please tell me you have a Juan Ep with the King of all media ?!?!?! How did that meet and greet go down? Had to be a big moment for you.

    All the best!

  23. I love this podcast. You ask the questions that nobody seems to ask. I would love for you get D-Roc on there or Krs One. Those would be classics!

  24. more pornstars and ask them real questions about the industry like the business aspects of it

  25. Thanks,

    All sounds good, I’ll be spreading the word.

    Juan-Ep is already the BEST podcast out there hands down, shame the majority don’t know. But you and Ciph being on your grind will only increase the fanbase and get it to the level it deserves.

    My guest wishlist:

    4.Producer Rico & the Tallest Mexican
    5.Billy the kid part 2

  26. So glad to hear Juan Ep is back for real.

    I’m sorry to hear that the morning show isn’t working out. But you and Cipha will move on to bigger and better things Pete. You are both insanely funny and very talented which is why I would love to hear more Pete/Ciph podcasts like in the old days. I still listen to your old Juan Eps with the awkward fighting and the Rico hate, those were amazing.

    All the best. Viva JuanEp

  27. Billy the Kid aka Dan aka 40 yr old virgin

    that juan ep was fucking classic!

    top 5 Juan Eps

    we need a part 2. i know he still hasnt gotten poon

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