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  1. Looking forward to the listen, Pete. He was a legend, not just in hip-hop, but globally. First rap albums ever for me were Licensed to Ill and Run DMC’s Raising Hell. Listening to this even before that new Juan Ep. Thanks!

  2. I heard you this morning and was totally let down by what you said. You stated that no one gave a damn about the Beasties or any other music legends until they were dead. And right off the bat, that’s not true. They are one of the most appreciated groups around the world. They are on every channel every station that plays hiphop/pop/classic music listens to Beastie. Not to mention, yes they were Jewish but for every Italian, Irish, Polish, Russian white kid across the tri state area looked to them as their inspiration and roll models too. Who are you to say that they are unappreciated. Look around you bro. We are all mourning just like you at the death of a legend and the partial termination of a world changing group. I hope next time you may have a little more sense in what your saying because your anger should be based on the DJ’s that promote whats “popular” instead of introducing what made hip hop what it is today.

  3. hey man i really appreciate your comment but you took what I said slightly out of context…first of all I dissed all of us…including DJs..and i didnt say NO ONE cared about the beasties…i said people in hip hop had not been discussing them for years…just like so many others who we have lost..that is why i wish we celebrated them why they are alive..which is why I play them on my show and do the noisemakers series

  4. wordup. it’s a weird comment to make, considering the Beasties got inducted to the HOF like three weeks ago.

  5. they got inducted into the “rock n roll” hall of fame…i said HIP HOP doesnt seem to care about our legends..didnt say no one did

  6. first of rip mca. definitely beastie boys influenced alot of mc’s over time. Pmd can you put a player icon on this one also. can’t download it at work.

    appreciate it.

    btw, juan epstein has been on fire lately keep it up.


  7. Not that Hip-Hop don’t call about legends, they don’t care about older people. Point blank, period.

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