Juan Epstein : Aziz Ansari BACK

just an hour with our boy Aziz! Go buy his special at www.azizansari.com

Download: Season 4, Episode 8

19 thoughts on “Juan Epstein : Aziz Ansari BACK”

  1. hey peter can you add the player icon on it? i know you always do just a little extra thirsty to listen to some new juan ep at work.

    thanks pete

  2. I fly anywhere United Airlines goes for free. Send me on missions Peter. Juan Ep needs to hit more people and I will spread the Juan Ep wings all across the world. I will touch them with the Juan Ep wings. Not in a sexually harrassmenty way either. A good way.

  3. goddamn these Aziz ones are fucking great. keep it up, and bring him on again

    these stories are hilarious

  4. scratch that. rosenberg having orgasms and squirting over OF is crazy gay.. calm the fuck down

  5. Hey

    Could someone convert the file to another uploader? someone else in the company is DLing from Sendspace and I need my Juan Ep before the day is out.

    Appreciate any help

  6. Thanks alot Paul.. hahah I mean Peter. Damn Nas might need to fall back with the green. Ive seen fam do that a few times.

  7. nice juan ep peter. you guys should drop an extra one with you and ciph just chilling the dynamic is great.

  8. Ahh got my fix.. Just charge for this shit already, theres at least 20 ppl that would pay! Thats like 10 Five Guys meals paid for. Come on Ciph /Paul free money!!


    Just release that J.B Smoove Juan Ep, i’ll paypal £1 to hear that mad man speak with you guys.

  9. just bought the Aziz and Louis CK specials. $5/each, can’t go wrong.
    To do Juan Ep properly and make some $, you gotta do them regularly and get some advertisers like Bill Burr & Adam Carolla and not charge, or put them on iTunes and charge per episode.

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