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Video : Noisemakers with Nas

Here it is…the full Noisemakers with Nas — from SXSW in Austin.


  1. Could’ve been a great interview if Nas was on point and not fucked up.

    Hey Rosenberg, did you ever put up the audio/video from the full Dj Premier Noisemnakers from a few years ago???

  2. Paul, I think you did really well to steer this interview. It really could’ve fallen over. If it wasn’t for the combination of your skills (which have improved a lot) and the fact that Nas likes you this would’ve been a trainwreck.

    All in all, good work.

    Also: Obligatory request for a Nas Juan Ep.

  3. Agree that Rosenberg saved this. Could have been disastrous due to the fact that Nas was so high. Any upcoming noisemakers in NYC? Would love to have that be a regular series again!

  4. This shit would have never happened if it was Jay-z(Paul’s thoughts)

  5. Hey Paul, I understand you can’t control the circumstances of every interview, but you could have at least edited the video from allowing Nas to be seen like this. This video is being played around the world in all it’s in incoherence. -Tampasolar

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