Talking to Kendrick Lamar and Schoolboy Q

Another good one. More haters will complain– why does Rosenberg only talk about Drinking and Driving? If you know anything about my life and ask that question then you have been fortunate enough to not have had your life shattered by an avoidable tragedy. Be thankful.

7 thoughts on “Talking to Kendrick Lamar and Schoolboy Q”

  1. Was a good interview but you was a little unprofessional when it came towards ScHoolboy Q. It seems you baited him by using Kendrick. You interviewed Kendrick the whole time and went to bash Q about a lyric. Yes Drinking and Driving is bad, but you could have approached it in a better way. May first talked about Kendrick and Q’s different style of rapping, Get to learn about Q, or the movement they got going. Didn’t have to make him feel like a douche for making a song. No need to be very blunt to a rapper on a topic

  2. ^ What he said…

    Glad to see u finally interviewing these dudes, and it was a good one as usual. Wish u had more questions for Q tho. Dude just came out with an album! When’s the last time u seen a Hoover crip on the charts?

    PS: Black Hippy Juan Ep please?

  3. it wasnt a schoolboy q interview FAM…it was a planned kendrick interview and he was told to come up SO i could ask him about this specifically…damn everyone is really on some wack fan boy shit these days…q will be back..chillax

  4. Much respect to Peter Rosenberg for pointing out the promotion of drinking and driving in rap music. Really feeling Schoolboy Q but there is no reason why he should be promoting drinking and driving. A big thank you to Rosenberg on bringing up the subject. Most people doing that interview would never even get near that subject.

  5. Damn, all this criticism from both sides make me not want to hear/watch either interview (MGK, Kendrick & Q).

  6. Rosenberg trying to call people fan boys…Nah you just lame. You’re unprofessional. You’re exactly like Bill O’reilly, you have your own personal agenda and it’s not cool. People like you is exactly why Hot97 falling off.

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