Why Do Rappers Promote Drinking & Driving??

This is what I did on the show. Beyond that I have much stronger feelings on the subject. I understand talking about smoking and drinking to try to sound cool, but HOW could an adult EVER talk about drinking and driving? How the hell is that cool? One rapper mentioning how they drink and drive does 10 times more damage than all the positive attempts by people to speak to the evils of drinking and driving.

Many issues in hip hop bother me, but after having my family’s world shattered by the death of my brother in law — this issue hits home with me.

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  1. Hip-Hop’s full of ignorant s**t man and always will be. I agree with you totally though and caught your vid yesterday. It’s pretty clear how close the topic hits home for you, so blessings be with you and your fam man.

  2. never had a loss from drinking and driving, but I always thought it was insanely stupid for rappers to be talking about drinking and driving. I hear you on this one. Great shows btw.

  3. U absolute hypcocrite, You have lost a brother in law(which is tragic of course) and now u are appealing to rappers to not glorify D&D because u are effected. So now music does have an affect on young minds, because it hit so close to home..

    What about all the other things glorify(all the foul things), which you not only promote but make a living from…I guess until one of ur family members are affected by it, you want give it the time of day…

    I’m sure you are sincere but this is way to hypocritical…

  4. Sorry for your loss Rosenberg. Kinda co-sign Simon tho, there’s a million things that are wrong in hip hop and popular music as a whole that people aren’t speaking against, but I guess it’s understandable because most people don’t trip out over shit until it affects them.

    I’m against limiting any kind of free speech, but I feel you though, it’d be nice if dudes rapped about being a responsible drunk, among other more positive things.

  5. First off , i am truly sorry for you and your families loss, but this problem not only affects suburban communities but i understand you’re speaking passionately and tho harsh , i think Simon makes a good point.
    Odd Future whether they have changed their ways or not , made light and glorified rape and abusing women at a rate that was almost abnormal for Gathering Of The juggalos type Horrorcore let alone a group being interviewed on Hot 97 and you we’re one of the biggest advocates of them. The reason i didn’t include the homophobia issue is because that’s a much bigger and broader issue with Hip-Hop as a whole and i’m not saying that i only listen to PC drum circle rap , quite the opposite. I enjoy odd future and can’t imagine only listening to songs where every rapper actually gives a fuck.
    This music is riddled with horrible behavior, murder is WRONG selling cocaine and heroine is WRONG and it may not be the main reason but it’s a part of why we love it. We love that it’s dangerous and it’s not the normal small town honky experience, that’s not to say we can’t disagree or find offense but we can’t put some issues above others. I understand your anger and can sympathies with your loss but try to compare and understand that with someone who has had rape , domestic abuse , drug addiction and homophobia in their family lives and don’t have a radio show.
    I’m sorry for the poor grammar but hopfully you get the jist of what i’m saying.

  6. First of all, I am deeply sorry for you and your family’s loss – and clearly support what you are saying.
    However, I’ve heard you make a few references to rape in the podcast, as well as being a strong supporter of Odd Future and claiming to have broke them (pause) in NY – a group who, as Simon put “made light and glorified rape and abusing women”.
    As someone who has had close ones fall victim to sexual abuse, and being a major fan of all your shit/listening to your shows, I’ve always been offended when you make these jokes.
    So if you’re gonna try and point blame at rappers for their references to D&D – understand that your listened to and respected by many and certain jokes can hold influence, maybe not in the same strength as Wiz, but one person is enough.

  7. Straight disrespectful and unprofessional in my opinion on how you handled the interview with Schoolboy Q. You focused the majority of the interview on Kendrick and only had Schoolboy there to voice your personal issue against a song/video he has, and knowingly taking it out of context. Like c’mon dude, you basically attacked him and tried to make him look like an asshole rapper when he’s no really like that. I hope neither Kendrick nor any of black hippy affiliates fuck with you because of that. Straight lame for that move, and this isn’t a comment ignoring your loss and reasoning. Obviously everyone would be sympathetic to your situation, but you don’t do Bill O’reily esque skewed interviews and think its okay because you’re in tunnel zone only focusing on your personal situations.

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