5 thoughts on “Wrestling with Rosenberg : Shawn Michaels”

  1. Thought the interview was great, you asked all good questions. One critique-Instead of saying HBK is in the top 5 of all time, you should have said “some would argue HBK is the greatest of all time.” I think introducing him as that makes him sound better than top 5. Or call him Mr. HOF…you should have put him over more. But keep up the good stuff.

  2. all due respect CS but isn’t shawn put over enough? top 5 all time is PRETTY high praise…called him top 5 and one of the greatest of all time…i think that’s appropriate

  3. Nice interview.

    The Rockers HBK break-up was one of the best heel-turns to this day for me. He’s in my top 10 WWE no doubt. Also glad to hear Sherri getting her props.

    I’m gunna go re-watch that HBK vs Flair match.

  4. awesome guy. his theme music is on my shower playlist. i wouldnt b me if it wasnt for hbk. i even kicked a guy in the face to start a fight. sweet chin music. no lie. it was a quick easy fight.

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