Behind the Music : Who Datt Pt 2

As many of you know, SD is Spencer Datt. I asked Spencer’s sister to marry me on April 14th and she actually said yes. We had a great family celebration back in DC the weekend of April 15th with her parents and brothers who flew in from college. Spencer was killed exactly 1 month later in a car accident.

In addition to the pain of losing someone who was such a wonderful and sweet spirit, there has also been the pain of unfulfilled potential. Spencer just started rapping a few months before he was killed. The first beat I ever heard him rhyme on was “6ft 7″. As it turned out he was a natural, improving on every one of the freestyles he recorded.

Seeing as Spencer was a HUGE J Cole fan and his last name being Datt– he had to rhyme on “Who Dat” which he planned on making a fun family song with his brother Conor (“I’m rhymin with CD you would think I’m in stores”). Even my fiance wanted to get on the song. Immediately after hearing Spenc’s verse, though, I told my girl that she could not jump on the song with him, becaue he was actually spitting some serious heat that was not to be made into a joke.

So when Spencer died I thought it would be incredibly cool to get Spencer on a song with Cole who he loved so much. I told Cole the situation and he said he would be honored to be on it. You have to know this about Spencer. He wasn’t just a fan of music. He promoted who he loved to all of his friends. There are countless people who are now fans of J Cole or Lupe Fiasco because of Spencer’s passion for their music. Then of course there is Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino.

I had reached out to Donald Glover right after Spencer died just to tell him how much Spencer loved him and that I was going to start playing his music on the show and I wanted him to know it’s all because Spencer put me on to him. He was truly touched and asked to hear a bit more about Spencer. So I told him.

As I was wrapping the mixtape I thought about Donald being on Rock the Bells etc and how we had been planning to meet up and I thought to send him “Who Datt Pt 2″ . He wrote to it the night I sent it and returned his verse within an hour. The result is Spencer on a posse cut with two of his favorites and in my opinion — Spencer holds his own.

Rest in Peace Spencer. Who Datt!

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  1. SD renegaded Cole on his own shit.

    He definitely held it down.

    I am truly sorry for your loss.

    R.I.P. Spencer Datt

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