Who knows how long he will be back for or how many appearances he will make? Maybe just Wrestlemania or maybe he will be drawn back in to do a bit more work than that. But for one night, Wrestling fans were treated to one of the best wrestling moments of the last 10 to 15 years. Rocky solidified himself firmly as one of the true all time greats when he walked into the arena after seven years and cut a promo better than anyone in the biz is capable of cutting.  I will be heading to Atlanta in April without question.

Question — Does The Rock’s return make you much more likely to purchase WM 27?

12 thoughts on “FINALLLLLLLLLLLLY!!!!”


  2. how long? approximately 7 years lol.

    and yes, i’m strongly considering buying Mania 27. i bought last year for the Taker/HBK return match. depends on how this plays out. i’ll watch regardless.

  3. The great one has finally returned.
    Why wouldn’t you not buy a ticket to see the most electrifying man in sports entertainment.
    Shut your mouth and go and buy your tickets, you roody poo candy azz full of monkey crap!

  4. Yo Peter, I am a big fan of yours and Cipher! I am from Boston and I download your show everyday.I am a huge Hip Hop Head and Wrestling Fanatic. I have been watching wrestling since I was two. And when I saw this, I kid you not, I was Jumping for JOY! Screaming “oh my God” for like 15 min straight! This indeed was one of the Best TV moments of all time. Just the buildup of it was intense. When they showed the limo pull up and a girl came out of it, I thought it was going to be like Kim Kardashian or something and I was fuckin disappointed. But when they did the whole buildup in the Arena, and Then to hear his , his theme song that just hit a nerve in me like no other! I have never bought a ppv before. I did watch Wrestlemania last year at my school n/c it was Shawn Michaels Last match, but i will def buy this one for sure!

  5. He’s prob goin to be on WWE for the next month or so to promote the new Fast and The Furious movie that he’s starring in…

  6. I stoped watching after the rock left. im 25, you cant go from Hulk/warrior-Nitro vs. Raw-Nwo/Goldberg-Austin/Rock to the guy from real world….Damn I missed his shittalking. Getting WM 27

  7. That promo he cut was phenomenal, it brought us back to that attitude era a little bit with No censoring. We all know Vince won’t change things and go back to the good ol’ days, but i hope he can meet us halfway at least for the true fans.

  8. Finally is probably the best word 2 use… not knocking none of the new wrestlers Doin they’re thing but 4 the ROCK 2 come back and walk out 2 that ring after 7 … really 7 years? Sheesh .. and still get the biggest reaction out of people in the arena and at home watching it on TV Jus shows the serious entertainment value and Jus raw excitement he gives people.. so weather its goin 2 b peoples 1st or last time ordering this WM 27 u can damn sure bet in it bein like the old days where it didn’t matter wat else was on TV EVERYBODY was watching wrestling and on this ppv I think thats gonna happen

  9. Rocks return proves that you never knew what you had until its gone. He carried that company along with Triple H for a good year and a half back in the day, when people used to bitch about him and he’ll be back to do it again.

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