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Absolute Disgrace

Wish I had the platform to do this, but I don’t. Chad Dukes (from my old station WJFK) did a pretty damn good job, though. Not EXACTLY how I feel, but close enough. Good job young man.



  1. redskins may want to see if they can get moved out to the nfc west. it’s the best chance they have of doing anything in the future

  2. this is a classic. as a mets fan, i sympathize.

    +1 Chad Dukes

  3. Wish you were still on WJFK…well, I wish a lot of things were still on JFK haha.

  4. loved how landry got burned by jackson after talking shit pre-game, serves him right. it’s true though, redskins are trash.

  5. No one should be so emotionally invested in a sports team. It’s sick that the whole world is brainwashed by sports especially since people indulge in being fans of teams for the sake of being a fan(rationalized by location) to such a high degree as opposed to the aesthetics of the sport itself. If sports were appreciated more so for their aesthetic elements the unhealthiness that is being a sports fan(as displayed by chad dukes) would be significantly lessened. Can anyone refute that it is unhealthy to be (moderately to heavily) emotionally tied to a fucking sports team?

  6. Lol yo I respect this dude for having that much passion and commitment to the team. You should go off like this and record a video of it. I feel the same way as a Cowboys fan. I been basically saying the same thing about my team for the longest

    And yo Rosenberg check out my mixtape maybe on your way to the morning show or something. I know you’d appreciate it. Lots of underground and old school hip-hop. Some real shit. Plus you got to check out your cameo in it

  7. dear sam, shut the fuck up.

    all of us

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