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They Really Suck

The first success for Duke since I made the video. We need the spirit of this vid to prevail come Saturday!


  1. Peter,

    I was a huge fan of your show’s and website until you stop posting with the audio player icon. Can view shit now. I’ve asked you several times to have your internet dude post and icon so I can play something at work. and the past couple months it hasn’t happend. And did you go straight hollywood and just dead juan ep? Come on man I’ve been rocking with you for a couple years now so look out for us dude.

    Thanks for making my countless work days not seem so bad


  2. agree with dude above. its time for a juan ep pete

  3. Stop hating peter, you only feel the way you do because you know Maryland will never be able to achieve what Duke has

  4. Champs! Is this whole site a joke?


    April 14, 2010 at 8:36 pm

    Rosenburg! if you still looking for the vultron!!

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