Solar Calls Station to Discuss Guru Situation

So I have received SOME negative feedback on this interview implying that I wasn’t hard enough on Solar. I’m curious to how I should have approached this in the eyes of those critics. I see it as my job to get as many facts as possible so we asked Solar to tell his story. We also tried to point out his inconsistencies. When Solar spoke he made almost no sense. He stuttered, stammered, and really gave no consistent information.I didn’t think it would be cool for us to come out attacking him when the story isn’t really known yet publicly. All we could do was try to get his take. And that as very telling.

13 thoughts on “Solar Calls Station to Discuss Guru Situation”

  1. thank you for at least TRYING to expose this clown in his own lie. I can see the foundation on which he’s trying to build his argument with the whole twitter fiasco, but C’MON…it’s totally plausable that someone like DJ Premier would have a few fake twitter pages out there. and through this whole ordeal we have found out that the “DJ Premier Blog” is merely a fan site. But NOBODY is setting up fake Solar pages except DJ Solar.

    and in light of the exchange this morning, i PROMISE you that ol’ boy is sitting in that hospital room right now making fake Solar/Guru twitter pages to make false statements with, just to prove his “point”…total Curb Your Enthusiasm shit.

  2. You call that trying, You couldn’t of went any softer unless you reach through the mic and wrote the answers for him. Noce try but have fun being a coperate share cropper.

  3. you know what would help clear up the story once and for all….

    A dj Premier juan ep!! ….just saying!

  4. I thought it was a good interview. He was all over the place and his answers were not consistent. All the reports coming out made him seem mad shady and this interview confirmed it. Get Ciph to release some Juan Ep’s you have in the bag!!!!

  5. you people are retarded. you people actually think solar was going to suddently come clean and give full disclosure about everything on air just because he’s on hot 97?

    if pmd put on any kind of pressure that was expected, solar would’ve hung the fuck up and cut off any media altogether. it’s all smoke and mirrors, people.

    in fact, rosenberg did a great job of showing solar’s inability to provide a straight answer to simple questions, exposing his shadyness.

    he kept going back to the same ‘just wait til guru gets better’ default response to questions about immediate family and the cut off lists. just listening to him stammer and deflect answers shows he’s got something to hide.

    where once was hearsay is now confirmed.

    good work rosenberg

  6. this situation wasn’t a “go in on solar” situation – if you had done that, he woulda hung up. as a journalist you are to get the facts from both sides. if you choose to make an opinion based on everything, then do so, but this was no problem. truthfully, solar’s words and actions don’t match up, so you don’t need to attack – he hangs himself.

  7. you tried, so it is what it is. he was real reluctant on giving forward

    answers which made him look even more malicious like he was hiding

    something. you could’ve been more abrasive, but you could do or say

    but so much. solar is a rat bastard. it would’ve been hilarious though

    towards the end of the interview to let him know that he wasn’t no

    super producer just to spite him.

    rest in peace b.i.g. enjoy:

  8. i thought the interview was informative enough. k foxxx asked some tough questions. it’s clearly solar updating guru’s twitter, and he was using it to book a world tour a few days before the news went out that guru was in a coma.

    the real question is though: how is this guy a “superproducer”?

  9. Guru has told Solar not to tell anyone about his condition from the start. So if Solar has to take the heat and shit from you assholes. Then so be it. Solars word is bond and bond is life and he shall give his life before his word is broken.

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