Being Grown Ups and Settling Things with Combat Jack

Some of you may or may not know that I got into it with a well respected hip hop dude named Combat Jack (Hip Hop lawyer, blogger, lover, etc) at the end of 2009.

Fuckin Twitter. It’s not just good for seeing on set pictures of your favorite adult film stars. It also sparks beef between people who are most likely to get along if they actually spoke beyond 140 characters at a time. And so goes the story…

Here is CJ coming to visit me at Hot this week…audio and video below. Good man that Combat Jack.

Podcast :Rosenberg Talking Shit Out with Combat Jack

Video Snippet of the No Beer Summit

Combat Jack and Peter Rosenberg – The Truce Is On! from iHipHop on Vimeo.

14 thoughts on “Being Grown Ups and Settling Things with Combat Jack”

  1. NOBODY CARES !!!!!
    Juan Epstein anyone ?
    All this blogging beef is hilarious, Anybody can become a journalist these days SMH

  2. you know you fucked up. you really didn’t know who you were fucking with. but it’s all good now. note to self. do your research before talking shit. we all make mistakes. it’s human nature. peace.

  3. Wait a minute.. instead of Juan Ep or at the very least a REAL Late, we get this bullshit?!!?? who give a flying fuck about why captain jackoff takes issues with what you say. If you dont like it asshole just dont fuckin listen. For example i think the fuckin morning show is waccckkkk so guess what ….i dont fucking listen to that shit. Can somebody tell me why peter pink panties gives a fuck?

    Do me a favor white boy… just do what you do. Fuck everybody and let history be your judge.

  4. boi-dan

    good look on the full interview. it’s like a semi-juan ep without ciph.

    for those of you who don’t know who combat jack is…….long story

    short, he’s an OG of this hip hop shit in terms of the business side of

    things in the early 90′s when hip hop was hip hop. through him and

    his well put stories, i found out how puffy put a beat down on

    positive k because he kept avoiding puff because he owed him

    money. i also found out how pete rock was being extorted by the

    YGz for a short period of time. combat jack has mad interesting hip

    hop stories and he was a well respected dude in the game. he

    actually talked shit to the one & only lyor cohen at one point in time.

    lyor had rappers shook back in the day. anyhow, just check his

    blog out. it’s really interesting and he seems like a stand up guy.

    peter had no idea who the fuck he was messing with.

  5. reading the comments on this site reminds me why i never feel like posting…jeeez

    i miss the days of fans liking what they like and not liking what they dont..have a coke and a smile

  6. don’t worry pmd, i have a big smile & i’m still a fan of PMD (you).

    don’t be mad because you fucked up. you live & you learn & keep

    it movin’. & congrats to the saints even though i wanted them to lose.

    it was pretty cool seeing all these saint’s fans on south beach reppin’

    for their city this weekend . by the way, i just drink water and

    gatorade playa. keep up the good work with the morning show & juan

    ep. & whatever else you’re involved with in the future.

  7. Some of us still love you PETER (no pause, I’m a CHICK)!!! Keep posting!! You’re doing a great job! ;-)

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