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Bret’s BACK!! And I’m Loving It!


  1. Son, did you make your girl videotape you? you couldn’t spring for a tripod?

  2. DAMN PMD, your chick hit you with the ultimatum. At least she sounds cute.

  3. havent watched wrestling in about 10 years but made my girl watch this…best there is…best there was…best there ever will be…still have night mares about tht shawn michaels match lol

  4. When Shawn said “I don’t think of Montreal. I think of Anaheim.” I don’t remember the location of Wrestlemania XII I knew he meant that 1 hour Iron Man match. When you think of Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels, you think of that monumental match. I was in the 3rd grade watching that. Lol.

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