My Top 25 of 2009

Honorable Mentions :
Auditorium – Mos Def
Mirror Mirror – Wale
The Engine – The Kid Daytona

25. Bagpipes from Bagdhad  -  Eminem
24. On to the Next One – Jay-Z
23. No Parents Allowed – Chester French
22. The One – Slaughterhouse
21. Air Born — The Kid Daytona
20. I’m a Ghost – Styles P
19. What We Talkin Bout? – Jay-Z
18. Go Hard – Sean Born
17. Popularity – Skyzoo
16. Don’t You Have a Man – Drake feat. Little Brother and Dwele
15. Popular Demand (Popeyes) – The Clipse
14. Tell Who I Be – Diamond District
13. Gihad – Raekwon
12. Cut You Loose – Slaughterhouse
11. Gun Control – Homeboy Sandman
10. Where You Are – 50 Cent
9. Forever – Drake
8. Hood Love – Royce the 5’9
7. Ayo – Redman & Method Man
6. Put Me On ’09 – B.O.B.
5. Baby – Ghostface
4. Lark on My Go Kart – Asher Roth
3. Exhibit C – Jay Electronica
2. Piano Lessons – Colin Munroe
1. Shake This – Royce the 5’9

27 thoughts on “My Top 25 of 2009”

  1. Damn, I guess I will actually have to do some work while Im here. Appreciate the response back, enjoy the vacay.

  2. No Marco Polo Torae.Double Barrel goes haaaard
    No Tanya Morgan.Shes Gone is doooooope
    No Roots-How I Got Over is craaaazy
    No De La Soul-La,La,La is hooooot
    No OC and AG-Oasis is fiiiire

    I could go onnnnnnnn and on,but i don’t feel like making a top 25…I need that Leon from Curb Your Enthusiasm podcast big homie.That dudes back and forth with Larry is hilarious.

  3. “don’t you have a man” is one of my favorite tracks by drake, but that song was released in 2007 man.

    thats a little too old for a year end list.

  4. i guess you have officially sold out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. remember pete when you to do show with large pro and big daddy kane , now you hanging with puff daddy and 50 cent.

  5. I thought Forever was pretty ass with Kanye and E
    being the only real standouts. It feels like such a forced posse record.

  6. not sure where it would rank, but i’ve been listening to Statik Selecktah feat. Styles P and Talib Kweli “The Thrill is Gone” a lot lately, even though it dropped early in 2009…

    definitely worth some extra spins in 2010, plus it will be included on Statik’s new album in February.


  7. thanks for pointing out that diamond district. went and checked it after never hearing of it….good call.

  8. Never gonna agree completely with any list but I can’t hate too much on yours. Expected some more NY stuff, Masta Ace/Edo and KRS/Buckshot in particular.

  9. drakes dont u have a man came out in 2007 before any of you guys started dick riding him….infact phonte even charged him 5 grand for that verse and pooh charged 2500 …i guess they wish they did it for free now that drakes 100 years ahead of them now..think imlying ask big dho…and i remember when a dj on air in toronto asked phonte how did u hoook up with local rapper drake? phonte said he paid us to get some work done and we dont really know of him lol…now look drakes HUGE….lesson 1..always show love to eeveryone u never know who might be able to help u one day…meh

  10. hurricane chris halle berry
    gs boyz stanky leg
    dorrough ice cream paint job
    charle boy i look good
    boom boom pow black eyed peas

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