8 thoughts on “Wow–We Need Our Troops Home”

  1. He’ll be home for a few weeks until Obama sends him off to Afghanistan. It really is too bad that these poor families are sacrificing so much for absolutely nothing!

  2. Bring back Juan EP or more conversing on morning radio. The only reason I started listening to CiphRosen was because of Juan EP. I felt like that played a big part in your success on the radio. They play enough of the same songs over and over again with limited talk radio. The talk radio is what makes people more interested, so since you guys can’t do that in the morning at least bring back Juan EP. That made you guys hot and relevant. Z100, PLJ has non stop talk radio in the morning and that’s why their syndicated everywhere. They play a little Jay, Bey, Kanye, LadyGa, but Kevin Durant has a whole entire show of just conversing. When Hot 97 is on and they play the same freaking songs all day, I hate to say but I turn to the competition. I felt like Urban Radio is slipping or their just cheap to pay their jocks. Bring back Juan EP, or have more convo on morning radio. Don’t forget the little things that made yall hot.

  3. I feel ya on the clip Rosenberg but on the real bring back Juan Ep


  4. I agree about the Juan Ep thing, but you have to remember these guys are really busy for Hot97 and with there own projects like Noise Makers etc.. and DJing for gigs for $2000+ for 4 hours. Would you do Juan Ep if you had all these other opportunities??

  5. Great video it brings back some memories. I was in afghanastan in 05 and I surprised my mother by just showing up at her job when I came home on leave. It was a special moment. And yeah whas good with Juan Ep Rosenberg.

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