50 thoughts on ““We Gon’ Win” (The Yankees Joint)”

  1. Ohhh! He said Nick Swisher, and that guy’s a mother fuckin doofus! – LMAO

    Rico sounded like Eazy-E when he started his verse…just for a second.

  2. Funny shit heard that shit live the other day and i was dying, also liked that cypher you did…or was that angie idk man but yea good shit how can i zshare this

  3. Shit was wack. I’m from the philly area but was in NY this morning when I heard this on Hot 97. We’ll see who backs there shit talkin up when the series comes to an end. And after the skankees lose tonight, you might as well throw that track away cause it’s over once they come to philly.

  4. My son and I was listening to this on the way to school this morning…….Crazy!!!!
    Rosenberg you said you wanna be black….you black son, you black!! Congratulations!!

  5. yo man…..real talk….this track is da shit…had me hyped since this mornin…was talkin about it to my cuzins at da bar watchin da game….yankees gonna do they thang! keep it up!

  6. Yo this joint is funny ass hell. I sent this to my cousin and phillies comeback song is wack!!! Yo someone needs to post this song on Limewire or somewhere to download it from.

    Let’s Go Yankeesss!!!!

  7. that shit is funny,you guys are the only morning show I can deal with,,,,,,and bloomberg you know..cracker

  8. you guys are almost as funny as stat and buc wild,,,,keep it up your getting there,,,,,97 needs to let you guys talk and cut back on the 9 tracks they run all day ,,,fucking joke..me I am from the south shore if strong islans I see f.i from my bedroom,,,,suck it

  9. Philly will forever be better the NYCRAP and phily being soft we threw snow at santa clause all your fans talk about are the stock at your games your fans are crap your worth less then dog crap that covers your streets and as for your yankees they arent nothing A-Roids a homo who cant take a hit while were rocking utley most hit player in the MLB and Texiera however u spell that bums name well is a bum and Ibanez is playing with torn ligaments and ur rappers are crap ur not even a second rate city ur more like fourth rate and ur fans are crap and you dont touch philly we have the hit king and the cheesesteak and u have a hamburger so get ready its 3-1 after game seven Phillys gonna win so u can take ur scum fans and ur scum team and ur scum city and a loose and let Phils make history cya next season when well be getting the ring peace NY CRAP

  10. ayo Rosenburg I’m waiting on tha video for this. C’mon Son !!!! aint u thee youtube junkie ?!?!?!?

  11. damn…Rosenberg ripped it on these Philly…GO HOME! MAYBE NEXT YEAR…no wait we taking that too!! haha

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