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Noisemakers w/ Raekwon – This Wed @ 92YTribeca – Get your tickets now!


Details: Tickets & Info
More: Rosenberg & Rae from Rock the Bells 2006


  1. EdHardyWearingDouchebag

    July 27, 2009 at 9:02 pm

    Who knew The Chef came back in 2009 as Pudgee Da Fat Bastard….come on Rae hit the gym a few times a week

  2. man…wish I could see this. Here’s to hoping the audio of the recorded show sounds good.

  3. can you please ask him what is that record playing in the background at the start of spot rusherz?

  4. the song playing in the background was the st. ides commercial that wutang did back in like 94-95

  5. good work tl

  6. Rosenberg, you the James Lipton of this shit.

    Well done homie!!! Listening to this right now.

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