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The classic. 3:50 is where it really goes down.


  1. Truly the G.O.A.T

  2. young piff clinton

    June 28, 2009 at 7:32 am

    this is my shit, my favorite MJ clip and song

  3. Simply a stone cold creative fukn genius… unmatched in his Art! RIP MJ

  4. 1”As many of you are–I’m completely torn up about this news.”

    I’m not implying you are not genuine pmd but ppl like you in the media are part of the problem…..

    destroying a person while alive…than raising them up in their death…..its quite disgusting!


    why are punk ass operating not allow my first message…is this a democracy or dictatorship??

  5. for once you didnt make this about you. i appreciate that. rip mike.

  6. pete,

    Did you do a memorial day mix this year???

  7. Last nights real late???

  8. Best live performance ever. When I first saw this it totally blew my mind – RIP MJ

    Dope Hip-Hop books –

    Check The Technique
    Can’t Stop Won’t Stop
    How To Rap
    Classic Material

  9. Shiver me tibmers, them’s some great information.

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