Obama SONS Michael Steele!!!

If you don’t know who Michael Steele is–he is about the most heartless worthless son of a b*tch in politics–and he is my man Mike Tyson’s ex-brother in law. Which is random and a bummer.

And this video right here..RIGHT HYERE..is classic

14 thoughts on “Obama SONS Michael Steele!!!”

  1. Obama did pwn that Doucheus Maximus Michael Steele.

    However, the Ether of that event was Wanda Sykes ETHERING of Rush Limbaugh (paraphrasing from the clip I saw)

    Sykes “Limbaugh wants America to fail? How is that any different than Al Qaeda? I think Limbaugh might’ve been the 20th hijacker on 9/11, but he missed it since he was too strung out on oxycontin”

  2. rosenberg, you need to leave the politics alone my dude because you obviously don’t know shit about it. the right and left parties’ are completely overrun by the same corporate interests. obama is just a puppet for these corperate interests. the false paradigm exists to confuse people like you who like to think of things in a simple sports’ teams kind of way.

  3. @soolymon-
    So has there been no change of strategy in Iraq and Pakistan? Are we not engaging allies (and enemies) in new, more productive ways? Did Obama not just repudiate torture? Has there been no progress on health care (did you see the news from yesterday)? Education? Did you see the recent budget??

    Look, I wholeheartedly share your deep skepticism of politicians (both conservative AND democrat). And your assertion that politics is controlled by corporate interests isn’t far off the mark. But I think writing everything off as being part of The Man’s master plan is wrongheaded. Obama isn’t perfect, but he is LIGHT YEARS better than the dickwads who for the last 8 basically fucked over everyone but the filthy rich.

  4. Yeah, I remember when you and Darryl were arguing about Steele, I wanted to slap Darryl. He was arguing just for the sake of arguing,,,,

  5. there is juan ep coming TOMORROW..guaranteed…

    and its a sleeper amazing episode in my opinion

    and real late tmrw too..sorry doing 2 shows a day has been kickin my ass…im a bum

  6. The one thing I will give Obama is that he is the ultimate politician and nothing more. I live in the Chicago district he presided over as both a state senator & US senator and I can tell you he did exactly what he’s doing now as US President, “TALK”, absolutely no action. I tell you a good speech comes a dime a dozen. And as for education, please, his Secretary of Education Arne Duncan all but wrecked the public school system here in Chicago. It’s time people laid off the kool-aid for awhile and start holding the President feet to the fire like all before him.

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