24 thoughts on “Noisemakers III : Q-Tip”

  1. yo, true story rosenberg…u still doing this noisemaker bullshit?? Not to trample on your dreams but this is one of those things that actually sounds better than what it is…

    note: this is not a hater, but a rosenberg fan


    its wack

  2. hey everything needs a negative comment..thats the first one I’ve gotten on this event..I’ll take note of it

    ps–fuck outta here duke

  3. Yo, PMD, fuck that dudes comment man. This sorta shit makes me want to move to NYC.

    It’s like ‘Inside The Actors Studio’, for Hip Hop nerds. And I fuckin love it!

    Much love brother, keep it up.

  4. PMD dont listen to that dude..the shit is classic – the Quest Love noisemakers was crazy. For a hip hop nerd this shit cant be missed.

    One Volume!

  5. I actually love the whole noise makers thing. I’m going to have to cut class for it but idc lol.

  6. I’m there. I’ve been to both of the previous Noisemakers and thought they were great, as did everyone I went with. Not sure what dude is talking about above. Loved the one w/ Premier. I thought the one w/ Questlove gotta a little too music nerdy for me (I am admittedly a hip-hop nerd, but this went cross genre), but that’s his story and was still interesting to hear.

    Anyways, I am sure the Q-Tip event will be great. I am looking forward to it. Keep doing the Noismakers series, fuck the haters!

  7. dont understand whats with all this complainin, i love noisemakers the questo one was crazy!

  8. this is lame, I’m waiting on the first noisemakers video with premier now for more then three months? You supposed to drop it a long time ago.. lame of you to show no love for the west coast :s.

  9. i just got my tickets, there will probably be like 5 or 6 of us going, has anyone been to this spot yet? is it like a Auditorium or a different kinda set-up?

  10. @ fresh1

    Not auditorium. There are tables in the front of the venue and in the back there are rows of chairs. Nice set-up and venue

  11. thats great.. i leave ny dis saturday and cant catch noisemakers III.. is it going to be video a couple days after or just a snippet like the premo one?

  12. Rosenberg, I have a question for you to ask Q-tip. Why was there no Native Tongue album?

    And for someone who is the creator of flipcam, can we get a whole video of the interview.

    Keep up the good(fuck that) classic work.

    UNC #1 BABY.

  13. one love to Q-Tip & Rosenberg last night. The show was amazing, from the opening DJ till the Night closed it was a great show. CT was in the house last night. Oh and Questlove on the drums during Light Works was fire, i should have some video of that today at some point. one

  14. Rosenberg last night was classic! like fresh1 put it from the opening DJ to the end when Q-Tip and Questlove jumped on the drums, I didnt want to leave the venue. Can’t wait for the next one..shouts to Ciph too, thats a funny dude.

  15. good q-tip ish. prolly time to take down the banner for the show though and upload a new Juan Ep.

  16. umm, interview with ?uesto was dope. if you can’t appreciate noisemakers, you don’t appreciate hip hop. stop hatin’

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