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Ok so here’s the deal. NoiseMakers is next Wednesday and I am very much looking forward to it. Here’s the deal. I need your feedback. Gimme your questions, songs you want to hear about, etc. Also we still need video questions so reply to my most recent NoiseMakers youtube video with your own video questions.

Lastly here is a throwback from a couple of weeks ago that never made it to the site but was heavily ?uesto!

Also–who’s coming out? I think it’s going to be a killer night.

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  1. Since the Native Tongues never put out an album, has there ever been talk of the core members of Okayplayers putting one out.

  2. Where to start?? How did ?uesto first hook up with dilla, ask about ?uestos relationship with D’Angelo because of Dillas music, how the Roots formed as a group, growing up with a proffesional doowop singer as a father, what music he grew up with, why Black Thought is the greatest MC out right now, and the rumor that it exist about 200 hours of recorded video with all the Voodoo session and if it will ever be released

  3. I want to know why eve wasn’t in the u got me video. He said he saw the birth of nas ‘escobar’ when nas lost the source award for best lyricist to biggie, ask him to expand on that. ask him about him and black thought fist fighting! lol

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