A New Year’s Eve to Remember…

Well I don’t know about you, but before ’09 got a little bit rough for me–it rocked on New Year’s Eve. I tore down a loft party with my man DJ Quiz. The party was thrown by Alex and Jesse K (NUE Agency) and their people, Cody Liebman, Shareef, and Chris Welsh. The crowd was open and I won’t front–we bodied it. It was just as relaxed and dope a New Year’s party as you could possibly hope for–thanks for having us guys.


18 thoughts on “A New Year’s Eve to Remember…”

  1. haha be nice aholes…they put on a good party…lemme see pics from ur f*cking new years…you guys were beating off to nahright

  2. Burn! Good one Pete. I’m sure Scott Storch’s stand in is a helluva guy. KIDDING!

    Great Year Pete(and Ciph)!

    Here’s to ’09, You fitna blow up (c)Marty Mar

  3. LOL…..honestly, this is one of those posts where there is no need to POST COMMENTS!!

    its just a pic, of a party this guy went to…finish!

    p.s I do realise the irony in me posting this comment

  4. holy shit!!!! It’s the cast of American Psycho… Do you like Huey Lewis & The News??? Those guys look like professional date rapists, LOL!!! Aside from that they seem cool

  5. PMD – Huge ”PAUSE MOMENT” during halftime of the NFC Wildcard game.

    Al Michaels is interviewing Tony Dungy, and Dungy says this:

    “I want to do more with young men… some hands on things”

  6. @ imjust likemusiq.com: i called pete to tell him about that when it happened. that line couldn’t have been better.

  7. On the real PMD you lost a little respect doing this party. I hope the money was worth it so you can get a gym membership and step your gear game up. This party looks like it;s fresh out of a scene from Napolean Dynamite. It gave me douche chills for you hahah

  8. I got my D sucked in the bathroom at this party, what were all the other haters doing on new years…?

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