Rosenberg Commentary: What the Fuck is Wrong with You Morons?!

Not “you” — my readers.  The proverbial “you”.

Well Ciph definitely got something right about Thanksgiving. People apparently really do go crazy for black Friday shopping. So crazy out in Valley Stream evidently–that crazed shoppers trampled a 34 year old employee to death. Talk about the dumbest fucks in the world. NOT ONLY are you on line at 3:30 am on a holiday to spend money that you don’t have (if you did have the money–would you wake up at 3 am to go to Wal Mart?) but you’re so riled up at the prospect of saving 10 bucks on a wii or 50 bucks off of a plasma that you had to bumrush the store and kill an employee. When I heard this story it never even crossed my mind that it could have happened in New York. I’m ashamed.

That said–I hope you’re having a great weekend!

17 thoughts on “Rosenberg Commentary: What the Fuck is Wrong with You Morons?!”

  1. I was on 34st Midtown at about the same time Walmart was being bumrushed out in GreenAcres. Wondering what all the police cars and vans and trucks were doing and why all these policepeople were organizing up and down the strip from the lincoln tunnel to the midtown tunnel clear across town. Then i realize you got vendors giving away coffee, and oceanspray giving away cranberry juice, to all these BlackFriday shoppers while the police calmly escorted the would be chaotic crowd between shops.. amazing how the taxpayers pay to protect that economic group of citizens, while the GreenAcres crowd gets herded into the walmart entryway with no assistance no lines and no free beverages hoping to save a few bucks.. condolences to the walmart employee who lost his life probably making minimum wage while the company didnt hire enough people to accomodate the extent of crowd they advertised to attract, and the community didnt care to provide the same level of policing as the midtown cops.. but this is about class warfare.. Do me a favor and keep your money in your pocket and dont spend a dime this holiday on consumer goods.. take your loved ones to dinner or something and enjoy the holiday.. we are diving into a depression unlike anything this country has ever seen before and the aggression will be needed when it comes time to
    hit the streets in protest. Save the ends your gonna need them. Peace.


  3. gustapo great comment…so true

    young piff–dont be a douche..its sad on many levels..i know its the internet and cats act stupid but stop it..this is…a home to everything intelligent :)

  4. yo young piff…chill the fuck out…

    why do people like this site so much that they check it ALL weekend long but then disrespect me at the same time? it makes no sense…

  5. rofl im just joking, b. i just keep checking in the spirit of suddenly, a juan ep might come up, you know, it’s been like 4 months since the last one. and we know you have them… B-Real? DJ Khaled? YOUVE SAID YOU HAVE THEM, JUST POST EM DOGGIE!

  6. this is ROSENBERGRADIO.COM .. I do ME on here..WHO?! ME…

    Juan Ep is it’s own get it when it comes.pause…hopefully there will be more soon but it’s complicated…so chill the f out and enjoy what’s on the site…

    or u could always have a coke and a smile shut the f*ck up?!

  7. …defend ur honour rosenberg!!! some of these cats are very douchie!!

    p.s seriously though, where the f£$k is JUAN Ep

    “Juan Ep is it’s own get it when it comes.pause”

    EYO, rosenberg,y u treating us like crack heads?….

  8. lol…i love the name ‘young piff clinton’

    ..sounds like a highschool, weed-head, who happens to be related to the clintons!

    Rosenberg, do me a favour and continue to smash this dude….pause.

    its all love ppl:)

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