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My First Single!! Saigon feat. Lil Fame (produced by Oddisee)


WW4 (Produced by Oddisee)

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Download: WW4 (dirty)
Download: Full Single (radio, dirty, instrumental)

A week from tomorrow, I am dropping “A Rosenberg Oddisee”, a six song EP recorded in one day and produced entirely by my man Oddisee. This is the first record I wanted people to hear. Saigon absolutely murders this track and Lil Fame showing up was completely random. It was truly hip hop magic and don’t you worry–it was all captured on video (more on that later). The EP features tracks from Buckshot, Skyzoo, Nikki Jean, and more. It is honestly one of the best hip hop EPs I’ve ever heard. I know I’m talking mad sh*t, but I absolutely LOVE this record. And those of you unfamiliar with Oddisee–GET FAMILIAR! Big thank you to Saigon and Lil Fame for killing this. AVADOOOOOO!


  1. word. oddisee is the joint!

  2. hot joint. i really like the beat & saigon did his thing.

    can’t wait to hear this EP, rosenberg !

  3. “purty good, purty goood”

    i thought Saigon wanted to punch you in the face though?

  4. Fresh. Lookin forward to the EP.

  5. polar from toronto

    October 20, 2008 at 1:51 pm

    I haven’t posted on this site in a minute, school has been crazy busy but I had to jump on here and say this track is crazy. I live in a house with 3 other university students and I just played them the track they all thought it was dope.

    Can’t wait to hear the rest. Is that Daytona track that you played a clip of on Juan Ep going to be on the EP as well? I’ve been looking forward to that for a minute now.

  6. Wow. Great track.

    Cant wait to hear the whole EP..

  7. thanks for letting the world know about this… finally. for the rest of you, since i got a sneak peek… the daytona joint is one the check for. fyi.

  8. NICE…… Where is the Real Late Podcast?????…….

  9. we need a re-up, it say its not available til nov 20th

  10. yeah. saigon and lil fame. you dont want it with them. hip hop – bring the bullies back. steal these hipsters’ dunks and iphones.

  11. nice track! will def. get some play on OUR show (sats. 5-7pm WPRK 91.5fm – orlando, fl) congrats on the release!! shouts to mr. rosenberg and oddisee

  12. yo PMD that shits tough son!!! You and your man Cipha inspire dudes to stay on the grind and follow your dreams. I thought Sai was going to slap the shit out of you haha

  13. I’m lovin the tracks!! Big Respect!

  14. great song.

    Sounds like it still needs a mastering. Its hard to hear those immortal saigon lyrics.

    Hope u have a intelligent way of marketing, id hate to see something soo good go unheard by masses.

    holla at me. motion graphics/3d/vfx and all. could be a good idea for something like this..

  15. is that rosenberg’s arm hair or did he get tatoos?

  16. I think I heard this on Sirius Shade45 tonight..ww4 is ill

  17. first of all…i like this track and if the EP is solid like this then i’ll buy it instead of downloading it.

    @ jaydeetastic

    is it me or does this sound too much “in the box” mixing (staying completely within the pro tools) at first i thought mastering too but now i’m thinking maybe this was mixed entirely within pro tools.

    i’m curious to hear what this would sound like complete dry (effects free) and running each individual channel out of pro tools and into something like a chandler sub-mixer or a dangerous sub-mixer with the vocals through some UA pres and then back into pro tools and effects re-added.

    just curious that’s all.

    dope track nonetheless…

  18. Dope>>>>>Dope>>>>>Dope
    The BLAM Nation sedso!

  19. Yo dis shyts siknin.fame is da king of hooks.I hear he say hell bust kanyes ass in rappin n prodction wutttt like to see dat

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