10 thoughts on “Rosenberg Talking Politics in the Streets of NYC!”

  1. Yo peace my dude…Yo whoever that iz on the phonejack via morning show…that bird needs to be fired…she’s horrible…I think it fucks up ya show…I know some1 can do 10x better than that..shit I can prank 10x better than that…anyways peace up…Real late wit Juan Ep iz dope…100

  2. Whats good peter, that wasa pretty funny vid. Hows your chick feel about you hitting on these shorties? lol

    Also didnt you say she was in your bowling video? If so which one is she?

    Off Topic: I was inspired by you and your blog game so i decided to make one myself, check it out http://perfection7.blogspot.com/ I will be adding your hot 97 shows links on them also so people can check them out. I am from London so hopefully they will get you a lil more of a following from over here, not that my blog is big or anything yet lol.

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