RIP Juan Epstein

Well I just noticed that Ciph has proclaimed the official indefinite end of Juan Epstein so here is today’s show that explains some of it.

Download: Morning Show (09/03/08)

You guys look at it however you want. I think it is pretty silly to end any sort of trust or friendship over the fact that we disagreed about 150 dollars that he claimed I “promised” to give, but that’s fine.

Also know that after the show I went to the ATM, took out 150 dollars even though I felt Ciph had “jailed” me and when I quietly tried to slide him the dough–he said it was too late and that it was “about my character” and that he can’t f*ck with me anymore.

I hope he changes his mind and wants to bring back Juan Ep, but if not–it was fun while it lasted.

I’m off to SOBS….

100 thoughts on “RIP Juan Epstein”

  1. Aleast make sure Latarian get his Wii. And PR you and Ciph are taking it too far with this shit $150 is not worth a movement and brand like Juan Epstein that has potential too become huge to just end. Remember that reality show that ya ll guys were thinking about?! You guys could have a future in this shit. Ya’ll are throwin this whole thing for a fucking Wii…dats a damn shame.

  2. Nevermind should have listened to the podcast, first. Paul your a fucking douchebag! Thought those morning show checks was nice. Latarian shouldn’t suffer because you can’t get your shit together. In the words of the genius, GZA, “you need to, diversify your bonds, nigga.”

  3. Honestly, I basically agree with almost all of Pete’s points here. He promised to buy him something, but I mean, it’s a 7 year old kid that stole his grnadma’s car and fucked it up, why would HE deserve a Wii?

    Even though Cipha and Rosenberg were forced to work with eachother, they had some awesome chemistry, and the Juan Epstein podcasts had some of the best hip-hop interviews I’ve ever heard. I just hooe their friendship isn’t fucked up forever because of some stupid money issues.

    Also some of the “broken promises” that Ciph brought up were absolute bullshit. I mean, wasn’t Pete just asked to go to a jamaican party like a week ago? There’s still plenty of time, since it’s not like there’s a shortage of jamaican hood parties in New York.

    Ciph really just needs to chill the fuck out.

  4. Honestly this is ridiculous, I mean this is def not something that should have been delt with on the air, because even though it made for interesting radio it seems to have made things worse. If Ciph is really basing Rosenberg’s character on the instances he named on the show then he’s buggin. Realistically THIS NEVER SHOULD HAVE BECOME ANY KIND OF ISSUE.

    ROsenberg – you should have realized that ciph felt you should pay half (which you def should, this kid basically IS your show), and if it really was that big of a deal that u felt “jailed” and you really didnt want to pay then you should of explained that,and Ciph should of just understood that.

    Ciph – if you really cant understand that, than thats on you, PR’s points are legitmate if albeit maybe a little “jewish” (which i am btw). And for you to say your not fuckin with him because of that, well than you guys obviously weren’t as close as we the listeners might have thought. Theres def more goin on here than this, I mean the example you used about his bet on the superbowl and the Jamaican club, GET THE FUCK OUTA HERE.

    Honestly y’all need each other, no one wants to here a bullshit show where you pretend to get along. SO patch it up or be done with it.

    Rosenberg you need ciph less than he needs you, str8 up.








  6. If I was Ciph, my knee jerk reaction would’ve been the same.. that was your bad and the sooner you understand that, the better of the Morning Show will be. You said yourself in an earlier juan ep.. “I’ll be making the most (money) I have in my life..” Should’ve coughed up the money.

    As far as you thinking that you gifting the kid for being bad.. you’re not. It’s for his good behavior SINCE those events.. Weren’t you/Ciph gonna check with his Grandma to make sure of that anyway? The kid is from a broken home! Reward him for doing good things and the use of his voice!

    As far as your relationship with Ciph.. if he’s a man of simple principles (like he always says) then your future behavior can/will mend things. The chemistry between you two seemed to be at a peak and then this shit made it nose dive.. wtf. Time to step your game up, again.

  7. ehh, i hear both sides…and i don’t know either of ya’ll from a can of paint, but ya’ll both actin real emotional about the situation…work that shit out and get back to the greatest underground hip hop podcast…

  8. Cakalak-

    This kid should be rewarded for “doing good things”?? What’s that? The things he’s SUPPOSED to do, like homework? C’mon… Being aired on Hot 97 in light of his stupidity was reward enough. 90% of the people around me come from broken homes, and for the most part many of us are successful. We didn’t use that as a crutch excuse when we did something that we were fully aware was wrong. You think that kid has really learned anything positive and beneficial since then? What will a Wii do for him?

  9. This is just growing pains. As they have said on Juan Ep before, they will have fights. This is one of them. There will be others. I give them a month max; they love Juan Ep too much….right?

  10. i didnt listen yet and wont listen for an hour or two but from reading these comments…anyone who justifies not buying the kid a wii after all the shit everyone on the internet does hyping the kids situation and pr playing probably the biggest role in hyping the kid up on the phone call meanwhile he’s changed, its plain fucked up. don’t all the sudden try to get moral and be like o he doesnt deserve it…thats some bitch made shit. i still fux with the whole fun to do bad things so fuck that moral high road yall niggas perpetrating about

  11. Rosenberg, I’m not gonna hate on you at all because I honestly see where both of you are coming from. Latarian is one of the staple ingredients in the Juan Epstein recipe, which in turn is one of the reasons why you have your morning show on Hot 97.

    Honestly, this kid actually likes you and asked you and Ciph to be his big brothers. That doesn’t mean anything to you? I think that even though Ciph pulls in more than you, due to his multitude of jobs, you should still meet him 50/50 because your show is a partnership no matter what anyone says.

    Basically it boils down to this:

    Random Youtube quotes (Latarian, Eli, Bill O’Reilly) + Hip Hop = Juan Epstein

    Popularity of Juan Epstein—>Morning show with Cipha Sounds after only 1 YEAR at Hot 97.

    Can you really put a price on what Tari has done for you guys?

  12. No….. No…… PLease no….. This is fucking stupid, you can’t just end it, I’m hoping it will work out. But you know Cipha honestly seems like he always depends on certain things and when they don’t work out, he freaks out about it, and makes a big deal out of everything. Ciph & Rosenberg are way different, thats why the show is awesome, the best of both worlds. You’re still forced to work together, it MUST work out. “YOU DESERVE EACH OTHER”

  13. Rosenberg, the reason Ciph isn’t taking your money now is because it’s on some damage control shit. You’ve already gone back on your word. He knows that if he accepts the money now, you’ll just pull some shyster shit in the future, as you have in the past.

    The thing with a man’s word is that you don’t fucking go back on it, especially when it’s something as minor (I don’t care what you say, it’s fucking nothing) as $150 US dollars. You can win back Ciph’s trust and friendship, but this shit? Nowhere near enough. You’re gonna have to break out some colossal, out of this world, “I really care” shit to get yourself out of this, and the fact that you found it so hard to let go $150 (and as a Jew, this should be easy, if only to avoid perpetuating the stereotype) makes me think that you wouldn’t exert yourself at all for Ciph.

    And another thing; that defense of “I’ll pay $100!” is almost worse. Even if you agreed to $150 knowing you could only pay $100 without missing the month’s rent or some shit, getting $50 is easy. Ask your friends and family for money. Borrow it if you have to. Just do something so you don’t end up looking how you looked today.

  14. alright fuck juan esptein…can u still do a podcast with mic sean? that guys actually intelligent and witty to…

    no offense to ciph but all dude did was react to any topic u initiated on the show…if u were quiet juan esptein wouldnt be a show…ciph just sits there and gets entertained…

    mic sean and you are really dope..esp with your interviews from dc shows…..

    hey rosenberg can u still do one and a wrestling one aswell? wrestling all around..wrestling/porno/music etc…

    everytime u talk wrestling/dilla/or porn…ciph got all emotional…like what the heck? every dude loves wrestling/dilla and porn …pause…

    rosenberg man…epstein is cool but can u continue your solo podcasts? atleast 30 mins per week? just summing up ppv’s from tna/wwe/roh or whatever and some randon talk about politics/dilla or whatever?

  15. hey pete

    ciph is a paranoid dude man

    150 is to much for a kid…esp a 300 dollar present for a 8 yr old?

    i never got something over a 100 from my own parents….my whole life…

  16. i know yall gonna get over this stupid, silly stuff. you and Ciph are gonna find out that this was just the same, little type of arguement yall always get into.

    imo, Rosenberg should’ve stated that he wasn’t on board to spend money for the Wii. Peter just wanted to get him something not as a big like a Wii game console. but i gotta say…. Cipha is taking this a little too seriously. but then again, a promise is a promise.

    i hope yall will get over this because the fans on here are looking forward to more podcasts. Juan Epstein just taking a vacation. i can’t wait until the “welcome back” party for the podcast. one day…….

  17. peter, do whatever you can to make it up to ciph. and if you cant do a final podcast with ciph so the fans can get closure, than keep doing solo podcasts

  18. No!! Say it ain’t so Peter! Say it ain’t so!

    Are we going to have to pick sides like Jay and Dame?


  20. Ciph is on his new york shit, acting like a whiny 3 yr old with daiper rash. Paul just do your own podcast with NJ or something (just not rico) cut out the soft ass I don’t like porn/anything that’s not from NY unless it gets the jersey scags dancing.

  21. Wow! UR one cheap bastard. You use that kid for ALL your drops and you bring him on your the morning show and exploit him on Juan Epstein and don’t want to give up $150!? As Obama would say… this is Silly Season! UR corny.

  22. You both are acting gay….stop fronting…PR…throwin in on a Wii for the kid should be a no-brainer….Ciph….get off your own dick and stop trying to teach grown men lessons “pause” Juan Ep is my fuckin shit….the world is a mess now because of this…

  23. Everyone here needs to hop off the Rosenberg hate. I am gonna post this statement here and there.

    I don’t know Luis Diaz aka Cipha Sounds, I don’t know Peter Rosenberg. What I do know is what I heard. What I heard is Cipha say I, not we, I will get you a Nintendo Wii. Then from the words of both men mouths they said they agreed to get him (Lil Tari) a gift.

    Now PR said he doesn’t have the money (150), which ISN’T have of a nintendo wii, I don’t know where you are getting your shit from but you are trying to beat rosenberg in the head. Its 225 tops maybe 250, but thats not the point.

    The point is YOU Luis Diaz aka Cipha Sounds are ending a relationship because Rosenberg doesn’t keep promises? What are you dating him? Man up. What happened do not giving a fuck? But its whatever you have your morning show lets see how long it lasts before you start bitching about him doing something else.

    Now to Rosenberg, You sir are a douche. Buy the kid two fucking games and call it a day. Thats fair right? Cipha buys the wii you get him a few USED games and you save some money. Cipha forgets you have to pay rent and you know DEBTS. BILLS.

    YOU ALL think cause he gets a nice big check he doesn’t have to you know… Live off of it? The man has to save up for his own home, he hasn’t been making Cipha money for years. Man has a roommate.

    Thats it im done, fuck I plan on calling in in a few minutes just to say this out of my own mouth.

  24. I’ve said it on Don’t Get Gassed, and Imma say it here.

    This “I’m so full of principles and flawlessly living my life by my rules which are by the way the only right on the planet” shit that Cipher Soundings is pulling of is getting a bit old and dumb.

    And this move tops it all off.

    Now I gotta say, Rosenberg, that 60 / 40 split was weak. Seriously.

    But – on a Cipher note – fuck buying some internet moron that could’ve run over some peoples that day a 300$ present.

    Fuck Latarian Milton and his hoodrat grandma.

    I can’t believe that a impertinent douchebag can split you guys up.

    Well you know how they say – any bond that gets broken wasn’t really a bond…so…maybe your relationship with Cipher Surroundings wasn’t as tight (pause) as you may think it was.

    But any old way, ok Cipher, you buy Latarian a Wii, you can also throw in X Box, PS4, and I don’t know what, and you can also adopt him cos it’s obvious you need a hug, dog.

    I gotta say that I’m not being stunted on with these kinds of shenanigans so I’m officially off with listening to Morning show with you guys or anything else you do.

    I hope you get higher ratings, tho.

    Fuck outta here with that shit, and fuck fighting over a little douchebag named Latarian Milton…

  25. I can’t believe this kid beats up his Grandma in Wal-Mart, takes a car and joy rides in it and he’s supposed to get gifts for it. Even though he’s seven years old, he knew full well his actions and admitted he was “doing bad things”. Buying him a Nintendo Wii will only contribute to his oncoming obesity and laziness, and teach him a false lesson that if you can do enough bad shit, you can become YouTube celebrity, a DJ drop on Hot 97, and you’ll even get gifts out of the deal. Everyone has to take a moral stance sometimes; I’m with Rosenberg on deciding not to get this kid a Wii.

    Having him on Hot 97 and exploiting and commending another soon to be juvy/jail-Nigga was bad enough. Where do you all think this kid is headed for in the next ten years?

    As for the Juan Eps, Cipha should stop being a bitch and change his manpon. Really, you’d kill a successful show on some trivial shit like this? C’mon….

  26. Plain and simple, this kid is the reason I listen and I know I’m not alone. His voice clips are the best and i don’t see why $150 is a price you put on the show and the fact that you wouldn’t be as popular if it wasn’t for those funny ass clips!

  27. “I will buy you a Wii”. Bottom line, when Ciph said this, it’s coming from 1st person and we all heard it. Rosenberg has a point if he didn’t agree to buy that particular gift, but a Wii isn’t going to break your bank account if you have a regular job., especially if you go halfs!

    I think you guys are grown adults and need to put this past you. Juan Epstein is the best show I’ve heard in years and your chemistry on the radio is mad dope. Dont let money come between friends. I hope the resurrection of Juan Ep is not far away…

  28. I think you all should’ve pitched in 3 ways Especially Rico, if not it should be Ciph & Peter bottom line. This fight is something that has been brewing for a while, I still don’t think it is over. Peter you are a cheap/frugal/tight S.O.B. that plays at S.O.B.’s. Bottom line is the both of yall should pay, we all know Peter is a DOUCHEBAG! MAKE HIM HUMBLE! This is just a ploy people.

  29. I love you two together….im pretty much in the zone when your on the air….but …no disrespect Rosenburg….but he’s Jewish…aren’t they supposed to be tight with money!!

  30. Rosenberg son you fucked up…you already had the same type of issue with Ciph when the door broke or some shit cause of Juanito and you aint wanna ride for the team…man da fuck up and pay the $150 if yall suppose to be a team otherwise RIP Juan Epstein…you will be dearly missed.

  31. You guys are crazy. The only reason why you guys got the morning show is because of the Juan Epstein Podcast. Do not forget about your loyal web fans.

  32. Damn..just some thoughts

    1. I’m not a radio prod. & honestly Rico didn’t know the full extent but I’m thinking that he should’ve asked ciph what his prob. was off-air during a break

    2. Ciph was buggin’ from jump about offering Tari a Wii – I’d support a $300 college fund set up or some back to school gear but his own grandma was trying to justify his actions – hella wrong

    3. Rosenberg you were trippin’ for letting shit get this far..i agree you got jailed but you needed to take the $150 loss and keep it moving since ciph felt it was a joint venture.

    4. if it’s the end of juan ep. it is what it is – but hopefully you guys can mend your on-air relationship cause this episode sounded roungh

    5. Look for the Giants to stomp your ‘skins tonight – lol.hola

  33. Rosenberg is a big wrestling fan–and to me, this whole situation smells like a fake. I expect JuanEp to be back before long.

    However, if it isn’t fake, and if you are truly willing to end JuanEp–and lose a substantial portion of your buzz–over a paltry $150, then you are both morons (and petty).

    Furthermore, the kid has made you both money. Get him a fucking Wii. Rosenberg, even if you didn’t *sort-of* agree or whatever, Ciph made the pledge, he’s your partner, so sometimes you just got to rise above it, and go with the program. Plus, I’m sure many (like me) hope that we have not seen/heard the last of Latarian. You need to get him this Wii to stay in his good graces. As EPMD once said, “you’re a customer”

    And whatever happens, this whole ordeal has only made me love Latarian even more. This street-savvy 7 year old has you by the shorties. Originally on air he asked for a “Wii game,” then, without notice, he smoothly upped his request to a console. Now he’s fucking with your careers!!!

    Like the kid says, “It’s fun to do bad things”


    Latarian is a bigger G then Cipher Surroundings and Peter Rosenstein ever were…

    That little kid doesnt give one damn fuck about any of you two douches yet he got you two trippin about givin him 300$ FOR NO FUCKIN REASON and fucked up your job.


    Cipher and Peter, you lost.

    Lataring G’d you crazy. Which isn’t so bad for Peter, but Cipher actin so ghetto scholar and so street smart dude all the motherfuckin time…yeah…

    The school of Funkmaster Flex lost against the school of 7 year old boy who likes to do hoodrat stuff for his friends and smokes them cigga rettes.


  35. ok here is my shouldve stuck to your argument about it being the principle of condoning his behavior..the minute u brought in the topic of finances and “i never spent that much on anyone” is when it started becoming something else..had you said no im not rewarding him with his dream gift ill get him something else because etc ..then it wouldve been a valid point ie morals..i hope u guys work it one of the few females that listens to the show id hate to see it end =/..cmon do it for the team! both of yall

  36. You both come off as douchebags… Ciph for just assuming you were good for anything over a 50$ commitment to a future felon… and Pete for bitching and complaining about something that didn’t exactly turn out the way you planned.

    But I am more like you PMD, I don’t buy crazy expensive presents for family or friends. and 150, while not being a TON of money, is enough to put up a spending warning flag in my head (not jewish)…

    anyway… BRING BACK JUAN EP!! Your Internet Man-Fans will rebel otherwise

  37. sad sad sad day

    I gotta side with rosenberg…Cipha be ballin, he can afford a wii

    and he bought it up to begin with

  38. question: does ciph even know anything about the 5 percenters at all?

    he preaches this huge thing “i was a black five percenter in a white high school”, which kinda got me thinking “wow, it’s good that dude has something he believes in”.

    however, given ciph’s blatant willful ignorance of anything political, it makes me question the sincerity of his 5% beliefs….or maybe he heard brand nubian and guru were 5%-ers and decided to jump on the bandwagon without knowing much (if anything) about the 5%-ers belief system.

    if he was a real five percenter, shouldn’t he care a bit more about politics, or at least be involved on some level?

  39. just to reiterate!

    I went to the ATM, took out 150 dollars even though I felt Ciph had “jailed” me and when I quietly tried to slide him the dough–he said it was too late and that it was “about my character” and that he can’t f*ck with me anymore.”

    Meaning I disagreed but decided to say fuck it and pay anyway. A lot of people have seemed to overlook that.

  40. i think he used this as scapegoat to distance himself from you since he feels your using his name far to much to get ahead with your career. He feels your name dropping him to much

  41. I think that is kind of wack that you didn’t show up to the Rucker though after you guys plugged it the entire show. You guys need to be men and keep everything business like.

  42. Chipa buy the Wii and put Peter on a payment plan and then you’ll have no more thing to hold over his head. Always I’m glad Juan is over it’s been boring lately.

  43. “when I quietly tried to slide him the dough–he said it was too late and that it was “about my character” and that he can’t f*ck with me anymore.””

    psh….cipha’s corny as hell….stop tryna teach grown men lessons like you’re some kinda “hood jesus” or something.

  44. PMD yeah you went and got the $150 after all the bullshit went down…and i gotta ride with Ciph cause i woulda said the same thing if i was in his shoes..its about principle son!!…you shoulda been like you know what im givin Tari the fuckin wii myself fuck that and if ciph is a man of principle like he preaches he woulda responded by saying nah pete i got the other 150…bam beef squashed, Juan Epstein stays alive by being the mothafuckin best podcast EVER and everyone continue to love chimichangas and turtles and all that good stuff…my 2 cents

  45. I’ve been away from a computer for 3 weeks and only yesterday started catching up on the episodes I’d missed. When I read the announcement this morning, I was surprised but it’s ironic that this situation manifested itself as a result of Latarian Milton.

    I listen to this show as soon as I’m able to. Since about three weeks into you starting it, I’ve heard every single podcast, including the three weeks I missed. I think you’re hilarious together and deserve much more attention for what you’re doing – regular, entertaining conversation that isn’t forced or scripted.

    Despite some of the bold topics covered by you on the show since it began, I’ve not been offended or put off the show at all. I can relate to the vast majority of what it is that you talk about. I can’t say the same applied when I heard the Latarian Milton show.

    When we saw the Youtube clips of him when they first came out, we were all laughing behind our screens and puttin our peoples onto the incident. It was humourous, as was your random incorporation of his many quotables on your subsequent shows.

    What I couldn’t get with was your treatment (esp. Ciph’s) of the kid on the show. You had no intention of doing anything other than persistently mocking an 8 year old kid too naive to know any better. His grandma, blinded by the opportunity for her grandson to be heard on a popular platform by those that misunderstood him, was completely oblivious to your cheapshots. In fact, when she attempted to set the story about the incident and the behaviour of Latarian straight, in a plea that the ridiculing would stop, Ciph was basically in a rush for her to hang up, continuously trying to cut her off, having already got what he wanted. Having making a mockery of the boy, Ciph proposed to buy him a Wii.

    Now, usually PMD, you’re the one putting your foot in your mouth with the outlandish comments. They’re recognised to be in jest and probably the reason your listeners (myself included) download regularly. But regardless of the fall-out that occurred over the gift, Ciph fucked up something serious in that podcast. I lost a lot of respect for the dude I always assumed was the sensible half of Juan Epstein.

    It’s inevitable that the pair of you will work out your little differences and continue to do this, so that’s not even my concern at the moment. Juan Epstein is bigger than both of you. I know you from you messin with Low Budget but to a lot of people, you’ll always be synonymous with Juan Ep. It contributed greatly to peoples’ awareness about both of you and you’ll soon realise how beneficial it was to do this.

    I doubt you’re going to come across an opportunity to interview any other 8 year olds for whatever, but I just had to let you know what me and my peoples thought about your (mainly Ciph’s) treatment of ‘Tari.


  46. Come on Ciph thats that ole’ bullshit I’ll break that lil $150…tell Ebro to pay that nigga Rosenberg bcuz he sound like he hurtin

  47. i just realized i make less money than Ciph + Rosenberg combined and i would be able to afford $150 but why give him a wii? why not pay or some professional anger management instead…

  48. I agree with ciph on this rosenberg is being a complete douchebag. Its not about the 150 its about rosenberg going back on his word. Latarian is not being rewarded for crashing his grandmothers car but because his voice is used on the show everyday. I hope they can work this shit out Juan Epstein was a fucking great show.

  49. Man…this shit is fucking stupid. Both you and Ciph make good points as to why you SHOULD put in half, and also why you shouldn’t, but deading a whole partnership is just madd dumb and emotional.

    I’m a big fan of Ciph, but damn…he really can be such a woman (no offense) sometimes. Suck it up bruh. Plus, i listened to the actual show with Laterian and DEFINITELY remember Ciph saying I (as in just him) will by you a Wii.

    Although you could chip in half Rosenberg…

    As for Juan Ep, i know this shit is all a work so i’ll be expecting a new episode next week, k?

  50. I agree you were kinda “Jailed” on this one.

    What I don’t understand is why are any of you paying out of pocket anyway. Being in the morning slot affords you guys some great sponsors, that if you asked for a wii they’d gladly send that lil fucker a wii on the stations behalf.

    Its a sad day when one’s celebrity is not used properly cause all this bickering over ciphas “view on the world”.

    Next time come lawyer’d up when you mess with ciph because apparently your word binds on friendship. The sandbox all over again.

    Ebro can’t be happy about this, 3 consecutive breaks on “that” topic, that can’t be good radio.

  51. YO YO Rosenberg

    Fuck it go for self you call the shots

    Cypha is a fucken slow tired and grouchy

    for the love of turtles dont yank da thing

    Do for self fuck that fucken douchbay

  52. how ya gonna do this ya are wack for this yo cough up the 150 and get ya shit together ya a bunch of dumb asses were in a recesion and all but im sure ya do well 150 shouldnt hurt u fucking jew

  53. yo you guys shouldnt cancel the show. its the best morning show in ny. its so funny. i dont get why there was such a problem about 150$. the wii is 250. u can pay 125$ if thats any better.

  54. I don’t care if you guys squash the beef, I have NO respect for Rosenberg…NONE..I would never listen to that Juan Epstein again, even if you guys put the problems aside…plus dude has like, limited Hip Hop knowlegde…doesnt know Junlge Brothers?? Of course not, typical…who care, he was exposed for being a cornball,cheap fuck…

  55. I know PMD…He can be obnoxious when it comes to small amounts of money, I understand. I have worked with him.

    But Cipha is acting like a bitchy little baby talking about Juan Ep is done. Go ahead and act all Carl Thomas-like and strap into a one-sie or a pair of pull-ups.

    Hey Cipha…You REALLY DON’T have any talent homeboy…You should have rode Rosenberg’s coattails and acted like a good little boy. You obviously aren’t that smart and lack common sense.

  56. Spoken like a true Jew.. Stop being so fucking cheap.. He did YALL radio show, boosted YALL ratings, how much do you make off him getting your ratings up?? $150 is nothing in comparison.. You said your Mom never bought you anything so expensive.. You guys said that you wanted Tary to be an extended member of the AM show.. And you won’t buy him a Wii?? ITS THE LEAST YOU COULD DO!! I WOULDN’T FUCK WITH YOU NEITHER!!

  57. Both of ya’ll effed up.

    You should have just put up a paypal donation icon on your website and asked people to donate to it if LT “did well” which I doubt many seriously wanted to see. Not because they don’t want to see a kid do well, but honestly speaking it’s boring and doesn’t make for good entertainment.

    LT>”I like turtles” Kid all day swish

  58. Cyph stood real tall on this one. Your actions are not Hip Hop like Pete. It’s more the actions of the white men who rape Hip Hop.

  59. Rosenberg,

    hold your head
    Ciph is bugging
    you are taking the high road much like Barack/Biden
    let him do his McCain/Palin thing
    it’s ugly but it has to run it’s course in it’s own way
    i will be checking out your other podcast with the Brits


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