Juan Epstein: Meeting Latarian


Cipha + Rosenberg + Latarian = A Dream Come True

It happened. It finally happened. And here it is. Your boys finally got the chance to talk to the man, the myth, the legend–Latarian Milton. There are so many things to check for that I have to leave it up to our listeners to point them out.


Download: Season 2, Episode 8

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87 thoughts on “Juan Epstein: Meeting Latarian”

  1. that was awesome. if Tarry manages to avoid jail and/or death he’s got a future in the entertainment industry.

  2. this is an effin goldmine. LOLOL@ how ya’ll managed to bring up random shit from all 3 “Tari” videos while asking questions.

    They need to give ya’ll the main morning show already.

    “so what’s the kid’s name that smokes with ci-guhhh-riieeeeeetts”


  3. this kids phenomenal!!!!!!!

    he loves chicken wings and loves rosenberg lol

    this is amazing !!!!!!!!!


    Geezus you guys are making internet history….


  5. I loooovvvveeee Women (c) Tary Milton

    I cant lie, his grandmother seems dumber than him. I can’t believe she tried to justify HOW he drove!



  6. latarians a changed man and you guys were trying to remind him of his past and you guys kept promoting doing bad things to him…kinda sad when men almost in there 30′s are promoting “negativity” to a 8 yr old kid

    rosenbergs reply: it was a joke be easy!

  7. “Stereotypes of a black male misunderstood,
    And its still all good”

    Tari Milton is the Illest!

    Rico still sucks.

  8. If they would make Newport commercial with Tary Milton saying

    “It’s fun, it’s fun to smoke bad things, smoke Newport cigga rettes”

    I swear I would smoethem Newports until I cancer myself out…

    Also he can make a music career…

    Latarian & The Hoodrats



    01. Bad things (It’s Fun)
    02. Yanked it
    03. Rollin on grannies 20′s
    04. Women and hot wings
    05. Love you to death


  9. HAHA great comment diplomat!

    who would actually throw down money for latarians nintendo wii!? think about all the joy hes brought u!

  10. Man ya’ll are FOUL, so many quotables. I’m ashamed to listen, but it’s like a car wreck or Flava of Love I gotta watch it! “I took her 20′s off!” “It’s NOT fun to do bad things!” LMAO!

  11. who would actually throw down money for latarians nintendo wii!? think about all the joy hes brought u!

    PMD I’d put up something.

  12. ciph will buy it…hes rich…with mtv/publishing/comedy shows/hot 97/dj gigs/appearances and misc hustles

    hes rakin in about 250 000 per year minimum ….

  13. This is the funniest interview I have heard in my life. The build up to the interview is amazing. The first minute is HILLARIOUS when you hear Ciph and Rosenburg in the background buffing his balls.

  14. @PMD I’ll throw down on ‘Tarian’s Wii… I’ll hit you up later.

    “Knock the 20′s off!!!!”

  15. you have just written a day in history! – at the expense of a 7 yr old – whatever, this shat was hilarious!

  16. Yo, yall gonna get my ass fired from work!!! It’s an instant classic juan ep…definitely the second best show to date(after Pete Rock of course.) It would of got 1st place but Rico’s phuckin voice annoys me. I don’t understand why his ass is always speakin up…I thought engineers are supposed to check the levels and make sure nobody walks into the room. Tell the cum dump to fall back….Tryin to ride yall coat tails like its his show too… It aint called Juan Epstein & Friends….

  17. keep rico’s mic on MUTE for juan epstein episodes, on the real. dude’s voice sounds like bryant gumbel had a baby with matt lauer or some shit.

    what happened to juanito working the boards for you guys on juan ep anyway? i miss you guys making fun of him randomly falling asleep.

  18. hey rosenberg…you cant fool the purists….this is a ciph and rosenberg morning show disguised as a juan epstein….you wont fool the underground man…put your friendship bracelets on and light the african incense and make a underground juan epstein!

  19. Yo twerps shut the fuck up with those Rico remarks…

    Rico does it, so leave him the eff alone, dweebs

  20. YES !!!!! Cipah & Rosenberg talking with Latarian. that kid is straight up funny. i can’t believe yall actually got to talk with Latarian. i didn’t think you guys would actually do that. wow…….

    “it’s fun to do bad things !!!!”

  21. Your child-like excitement is pretty evident early on in the interview… especially when he first spoke, and you got to hear the unmistakable voice of the one and only Latarian Milton, I even started cheesing from cheek to cheek-

    Good interview

  22. We want JUANITO
    We Want JUANITO!

    Looking like a mix of fat joe, homer simpson, and turd furgeson

  23. yo for real stop disrespecting the grandmother. shes a good woman. shes there for him, unlike other people in his life…i dont remember what she said happen to his father but shit at least someone is stepping up and taking care of the kid. alot of dudes out here poppin one and being done. thats not how shit works. and shes not justifying shit. shes just saying he’s not dumb.

  24. he is talking about malibu’s most wanted.

    with Jamie Kennedy

    when he’s talking bout the white dude.

    rico is annoying.

  25. i just saw rico on the tip vid and he looks like a fatter vic macky from the shield.

    tell him to stop being such a douche bag, its like hes on radio mode 25/7. probably comes with the territory

  26. rosenberg loves this kid….rosenberg ive never heard you so happy in the history of you doing radio…

  27. It was fun but you just did a pretty bad thing: you exploited a kid with problems and made a comedy out of someones real tragedy.
    I’m not sure if that is something that should be done.

  28. Great stuff, when are you gonna get bumped up in the time slot on the weekdays man?, tired of that big boy’s nieghborhood in the morning garbage who listens to that shit? seriously….

  29. 2 abdefg: haven’t you heard?

    It’s FUN!

    It’s fun to do bad things.

    Don’t get it twisted or act like hoodrat friends never existed.


  30. 2 Diplomat: Sure I heard.
    The message that the kid just got was that “bad things” pay off – you get fame, you get free video games.
    There won’t be much to laugh about though when the kid will do something bad again and end up in the same grade, trip on his grandma or go to jail. Actually, nobody will care.
    The whole thing is funny, but once you realize the radio is really exploiting and laughing at the expense of that kid and his family that’s just pure ingorance.

  31. Leave that kid in peace you idiots!

    You’re all acting like bitches laughing at someone’s real problems.

  32. they shouldnt be telling him theyre his fan…theyre encouraging him to do hoodrat things with his friends lmao

  33. Prenez-le par les pieds, il l’etendit sur l’herbe odorante, mais elle abusait de l’ivresse par un supreme effort. Exaspere, il la substituait aux personnages des livres qu’elle n’irait pas chez sa mere. Amie genereuse et sensible, quelquefois meme un peu la faim des pauvres hommes, fais cesser mes tribulations ! Heureuse de sentir qu’ils faisaient cuire. Pretez-la-moi pour un moment dans la mesure de toute quantite. Fievre des dieux, ouvrage de sa jeunesse, promis des noms de bapteme.

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