Juan Epstein + Q-Tip = Fire


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    midnight marauders is my fav album ever and im not saying this for the moment

    and =)@ tip refering to miles

  2. rico is very annoying on the hot 97 show. please dont let him ruin future episodes of the podcast! please!

  3. i hope pt. 2 becomes a reality. I’ve always wondered about all the jewels that were lost in that fire.

    seriously, rico is really annoying on the morning show. please keep him as far away from juan ep as possible.

  4. The best interview ever and WTF happened???? Jesus H Christ!!!!!!! Unbelievable!!!!! That shit was like fucking Halle Berry and having to pull out before you bust!!!! LOL

    Ebro do it for Hip Hop brotha!!!!!! shit like this is my only santuary after having to play autotune records in the club all weekend!!!!! I might just hook an autotune module up to my mixer so the whole mix will be T pained out!!……lol

  5. With the time constraints you guys actually got alot covered with Tip – so nuff respect for that

    *and the only other ppl from the station who should EVER have the license to interrupt juan ep are: Flex, Bobby Konders, Jabba & DJ Enuff cause they would actually be entertaining and drop knowledge.

  6. yo, tell rico get the fuck outta here with that Cali, paparazzi shit lol. acting like a mole or TMZ asking about weird celebrity friends.

    lol@ ebro turning from hero to goat from that raphael saadiq episode to this one.

  7. So fuckin’ dope! Can’t wait for part 2. God, I hope you guys are filming when you inevitably have to beat Rico’s ass. Dude is so corny.
    “Hey fuckin’ radio guy, we hate you” Hahaha!

  8. ebro can eat a fat cock for cutting juan epstein short….20 fuckin mins?

    i wanted to hear shit about the fuckin illmatic and infamous album and how q tip helped mobb deep…

    man ebros a faggot….fucking afhani lookin bearded bald head fuck boy!

  9. Man, Q-tip is the man! Midnight Maraders was the soundtrack to my later high school years!

    Man, that random guy ruined the podcast!

    Man, why can’t these legendary Hiphop catz make us some more classic albums, cause hiphop during the last 5 years sux..

  10. FUCK E-BRO!!!!! Buy a mic, sit down on your couch at home and bring Q-Tip, and smoke some blunts, they always fuck good things up!!!!

  11. Wow, great ep. Also after you do that Part 2 with Q-Tip you need to get the Part 3, 4 and 5. That conversation could go on for hours.


  13. peter i know in the culture of hip hop it is at times hard to admit when someone else put you on to something but if it was not for you putting me on to j dilla through juan ep i would have never found “lightworks” thanks peter. I think a juan ep with flex might just might change the game

  14. Rico is that dude that would take all the girls home from a party because they’re “like his sisters”… douche bag!!!!!!!!!

  15. i almost want to curse out ebro myself for cutting off such a great juan ep.but hes bossman so i cant..LOL..everyone else summed it up for me…but you guys def need to do a part 2..lol @ yall man.i love juan ep..shh i listen during office hours..

  16. That Ritchie Colosseum show in ’94…


    I was working for SEE Productions back then. I did load-in and set up for that show. It’s one of my favorite hip-hop memories. De La was on that gig. I remember having the corniest of corny DJ conversations with Maceo, but he was so patient and friendly with my young corny self.

    I brought Tip some grub in the green room and dapped up Phife and Ali. I felt like the luckiest cat ever.

    It’s so hard to remember what it was like before I was jaded.

  17. Yo this is my first time posting a comment why cuzz JE is what gets me thru my 8hr shift 5 days a week. I LIKE TURTLES! Q Tip is the man… fuck ebro for choppin that shit short and that producer dude is kinda wack the less he says the better.

    U dudes are on to something keep the interviews comin. Stop playin LL’s “baby” joint PLEASE for the love of hiphop. Sin

  18. tip talking dilla—always a classic moment in hip-hop

    but get rico the fuck out!!! that fool needs to stay away from Juan Ep. I could deal with the morning shows, but rico fawking with my Juan Ep is like he’s fawking with my money. haha.

    and a fawk ebro for ending that ish. this def. needs a part 2/ to be continued joint


  19. whats up with whiteboy from VH1 having a pic of juan epstein tattooed on his arm??


    Heres the plan for next time… dont tell ebro you are interviewing qtip… tell him you are having a sit down with some of the IT guys to discuss the stations wifi continuum transfunctioner. He wont dare bust in on something like that.

  20. Why is Rico even in the room…tell his corny ass to shut the fuck up next time grown folks is talkin…He sounds like a cum dump in the back trying to get a word in…

  21. wow. there’s more ass patting going in here than a gay baseball game.

    long time j.epstein listener, but i’m actually shocked at rosenberg and ciph’s lack of certain basic tribe related knowledge. peter asking why phife wasn’t on the first album, ciph asking who vinia mojica is, pete asking ciph who the fu-schnickens are? both of them not knowing what song ron carter played on…

    it sounded like a hip-hop short bus committee meeting between the two of them. ciph…you play music professionally. do the knowledge on j.dilla already and step your game up for hey zeus’ sake. YOU PLAY MUSIC PROFESSIONALLY!!

    consider this a talk a coach would give his two outfielders who spend the inning playing grab-ass in the outfield. peptalk like.

  22. i agree with cass. the episode was pretty much pep talk, nothin rlly too informative. tip sounded kinda uncomfortable especially when pete was convinced that phife wasnt on Low End Theory at all. lol wtf at pete. also smh at pete not knowing who the fu-schnickens are.

  23. Yo, honestly… I’m starting to kinda like Rico on the morning show. He’s a funny dude, very “radio” as Ciph said a few Juan Eps back, and he’s starting to develop some pretty good chemistry with Ciph and Pete.

    But PLEASE keep him away from any future Juan Epsteins. He knows how to make a RADIO SHOW work, but on an internet podcast that’s made strictly for hip-hop nerds, he just sounds really out of place. THe questions he asked Tip were total “why would anyone even care about this?” bullshit.

  24. But aside from that, great stuff as usual.. If it was a bit longer it’d be just as good as the Fat Joe one.

  25. Cas: The way I heard it, Pete didn’t not know Fu schnicks, he was asking whether Tip’s first outside production was for them. I thought it was Gangsta Bitch too btw, that production credit always stuck out in my mind for some reason.

    Most of the stuff Tip mentions about being the main producer on the first three albums is covered really well in Check The Technique – Liner Notes For Hip Hop Junkies – which covers something like 38 classic albums through indeph interviews with the artists. Definitely worth picking up.

    Tip is one funny dude though. I always thought it was weird they never gave him a spot on a sit com or something. The only movie I’ve really seen him in was Poetic Justice and he did his thing but was obviously overshadowed by Pac.

    Next time he comes on, ask him about how he got jumped by Wrecks N Effect or better yet, ask him why he jumped a paparazzo taking pictures of Leonardo Dicaprio?!

  26. cas,

    you’re on some hip hop snob shit. dudes are real enough to admit what they don’t know instead of frontin. that’s what juan ep is about. it’s just them being real ass hip hop heads. not on some radio shit, nor is it some hip hop snobbery. stop acting like niggas are supposed to be hip hop wikipedias. neither dude has claimed to know it all. fall back with that elitist shit.

  27. dear poe,

    i’m not on some “hip hop snob shit”. i’m on some coach cas shit. i like juan epstein. i want to see both of these folios super successful. i’m just dropping knowledge bombs on the people…either you can catch what i’m throwing down and run it in for a touchdown or you can pout to your friends about how you’re not going to playing in the 4th quarter.

    if this comment section were a football field, i’d have you running suicides right now for talking to me sideways.

    my name is cas. nice to meet you.

  28. cas,

    you are on some snob,know it all shit. allow me to use your cheesy metaphor of this being a football & say you’re the kind of person who pats himself in the back for a job well done. let me take it a step further and say you’re similar to a monday morning quarterback who calls up talk radio griping about players/teams, and thinks he’s more knowledgeable than them just because he won his fantasy football league last year.

    who gives a shit if they didn’t know those things. they’re not hip hop robots, built to know any & everything related to hip hop.. i give them more props for keeping it real instead of pretending they know all things hip hop.

    Is Jerry Rice any less of a football player if he didn’t know who was the starting right guard of the 1964 San Francisco 49ers?

  29. poe, you the self appointed “chief-of-juan-epstein-mouseketeer-security-force”? they have juan ep S1Ws now? what you got a turtle badge?

    you’ve already proven yourself to be incapable of actually comprehending what you read, so i’m going to let you be because you know not what you do.

    forget the coach cas thing…you can now consider me your principal joe clark.

  30. lol if i saw rosenberg i would taunt him and say hey drop the n bomb or hay rosenberg shave your arms i wouldnt be man fannin him…i like taunting dude

  31. right. and now you think your Jesus of Nazareth dying on the cross…i should just let you type away, because you obviously enjoy the smell of your own pompous shit.

    p.s. pardon me if I have a hard time “comprehending” your self-indulging rants.


  32. 1: “and the only other ppl from the station who should EVER have the license to interrupt juan ep are: Flex, Bobby Konders, Jabba & DJ Enuff cause they would actually be entertaining and drop knowledge” – Amen. Rico is a diiiiiick for ruining this Juan Ep.

    2: Cas is funny as hell.

    3: Tip’s impression of Busta had me rolling.

    Keep up the good work.

  33. thanks for the kind words, abrohamm.

    i’m just here in good fun to try to bring some kind of balance to the comment section which has gotten a little out of control.

    i kind of feel like it’s comparable to peeing in the ocean, but i’m down for the cause.

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