I’m back–and some pictures, etc….

Sorry guys. No “Real Late” last week, but everything is back in full swing now. Summer Jam is this Sunday and Ciph and I will be back in the lab for more radio shows and more Juan Eps.

Shout out to everyone who came out to Libation for Ralph McDaniels and my 2nd Instant Classic party. It was awesome. Shout out to my man Daryl “Quartermaine” Francis for the flicks from the party below.

ic more girls
some random chicks…

IC me and alchemist
Jew power…me and alchemist

IC chicks
more hot chicks…

IC me and ralph
Ralph and Rosenberg

IC Pete Rock
Pete Rock

IC peter and jess
My Friend Jessica and Me

16 thoughts on “I’m back–and some pictures, etc….”

  1. Welcome back Pete…..

    Do you really think Waynes verse on “Its Me Snitches” was better than “We Takin Over?”

    Also how have the DJ’s reacted you know to Weezy’s F*ck Mixtape DJ’s comments??

    Inn fact can I get a weekly rap-up from you for my blog?? London appreciates PMD.



  2. Welcome Back, Welcome Back, Welcome Back….

    I Can Understand No “Real Late” This Week, But What about Finishing up Last Week’s Show That You Only Posted Part 1 to?

  3. @LDN
    Do you know how blog comments work? You talk about the content of the post, this isn’t a discussion forum, take your self promotion elsewhere. If you understood the medium, perhaps you might have a shot at writing for Rosenberg Radio, instead, you smell like garbage.

    @PMD I’m going to the next one!

  4. PMD, great pics. Good to hear D.Franchise back in the fold. Your girl Jessica looks mad familiar.

  5. @The King!
    That garbage smell is stuck in your hairy-ass nose from your mothers stanky breath.

    If you understood the medium you wouldnt be a xxxl wearing fat dick. Put the cake down.

    and im done.

  6. @LDN
    “That garbage smell is stuck in your hairy-ass nose from your mothers stanky breath” if you could read that out loud without sounding like Eli, I’ll mail you a check for 50 bucks so you can get a new seat for your bike, or maybe a new backpack to wear to school. Additionally, if your mom and girl are upset that my 165 pound frame is too heavy, I’ll put the cake down. Gladly. Oh, one more thing, tell your mom not to use Tide, I hate the way her sheets smell. Thanks @LDN.

  7. @Everyone. That “mothers breath” wasn’t me someone must have logged in under my name. ANYWAY, I appreciate whoever it was who felt the need to defend the mighty ldn from “the king!” although people like him don’t even blip my radar.

    Take into consideration WHERE IM FROM & that the writer used the words “stanky”, “ass” & “garbage”. Can you really hear me saying that??

    I pray to god it WAS Eli as that is like being Diddy & having Jay write your rhymes. Maybe it was Pete. Who knows either way I can’t afford internet beef as I’m promoting myself (yes se;f promotion is not something that can be used as an insult) and don’t need to scare my site viewers off with crazy arguments. @The King. If YOU understood the “medium” of the business im in then self promotion and asking people like Pete & Ciph is a very effective tool to progress.

    My fingers hurt from typing.

    ONE LAST THING. A BIG clue into that not being me is that I always end posts with:



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