My New Video, Budden’s New Blog, and the Celtics’ New Legend

Rock the Bells was a really good time and really interesting too. I hope this video captures it. I will be putting out the full artist interviews by the weekend.

Rosenberg Does Rock The Bells — Youtube

I’ve always liked Joey Jump-Off (pause). He’s a great guy and a dope rapper–and just a generally smart talented cat. He’s also good for hip hop. Read his blog and agree…

Well it’s official. Start up the bandwagon. My lowly Celtics who I have rooted for night in and night out for 21 miserable years now have the best team in the eastern conference. I can’t wait for all the Sox obsessed former Celtics fans to come back to get down with the new big 3–Garnett, Pierce, and Allen.

That said–I am SO happy about this trade. I’ll mis Al Jeff but this was the right move to make. I will have more on it as the week goes on.

10 thoughts on “My New Video, Budden’s New Blog, and the Celtics’ New Legend”

  1. dude! we didn’t make the video! that’s weak! you should make another and be sure to include my friends and I, the only dry people at the show! the gratuitous wet chicks are fine and all but howsabout the clever tent makers?!

  2. Great job with the video. I knew it was gonna be classix when homeboy dropped the n bomb and you took him to task on it. Keep it coming!

  3. I appreciate you writing back! If you ever feel like putting those clips up, just let me know, that would be awesome! Also I’m glad I saw no trace of the drunkest dude ever on there.. although I wouldn’t have seen that because had you seen him all your shit woulda been merked, he was stealing blunts, etc all day long!

  4. I witnessed some white folks dropping N-bomb’s this past weekend. They didn’t think we were within ear shot.

    I can’t just walk around giving eye-jammies though, I can’t afford to catch a case.

    “things done changed” – © B.I.G.

    that dude really did think he was “safe” with you.

  5. Mr. Rosenberg, yah Celtics team has improved, 3 allstars in amazing… dont sleep on the depth of the RAPTORS though, T-dot stand up. And dope drops on that Rock the Bells piece, definitely the place to be, word out.

  6. Your Celtics will be improved but they still don’t have any true post scoring. If you have watched KG all these years, you know he likes to shoot the fadeway from the baseline or pull up from outside the paint. He doesn’t play with his back to the basket as well as you’d like him to. It will help that there’s not a lot of size to contend with in the Leastern Conference. I just hope for the sake of all Celtic fans that Paul can stay healthy.

  7. “But as American society becomes more colorized, more reflective of its multicultural roots and features, blacks may be unable to retain sole rights of proprietorship, even through bullying and demonstrations. Expressions seep into mainstream culture and become universal property.” – Jonetta Rose Barras

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