Funkmaster Flex: The 90s Part 1


Don’t get gassed! Flex will shut shit down!! On July 4th–Flex reminded New York City why Hot 97 will always be special. FIVE hours of 90s hip hop…Here it is in four parts without commercials..shout out to my brother bsidewinzagain a/k/a Nick for ripping this…

Download: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

66 thoughts on “Funkmaster Flex: The 90s Part 1”

  1. That’s a good look fam! 90′s… what!!!!


    I see you Pete! You are doing your thing up there coming up fast.

    Much success to you!

  2. Thank You!!! It brings back a lot of memories. Thank you for posting this especially for those who didnt get a chance to catch this. Thank you once again

  3. oooh this shit is hot man brings back the good old times…thanks from a bro in the netherlands

  4. This is Classic Stuff, Good stuff to listen to, itll get’ll me through the day
    Is there a tracklisting for this anywhere?

  5. Thanks so much for posting this. Caught this on my way back to the city from Strong Island, and my wife and i were so gassed hearing this. Flex definitely brought the pain

  6. Props from Toronto, Canada.

    I’ve been listening to this whole thing. Good music lives forever.

  7. Yo Flex You killed it! that mix is off tha MOFO chain… EARLY!!!! yeah reppin ATL whuuuuuut….. I had to break out my Timbos for this one….Yeeeeah Shawty!

  8. wow…

    bammas was actually HAVING FUN.

    is that allowed in hip-hop anymore?

    I would have smashed this jont.

    fortunately y’all did more than an able job.

  9. yo dope tracks….BUT funkmaster flex is trash!
    All those damn baby scratches are played out! Dude is a just a radio personality…real dj’s know he’s trash on the decks…..
    jazzy jeff would murder a 90′s set!

  10. yo real djs–youre a douchebag

    you can say what you want about Jeff and youre right about Jeff–he’s ill..but YOU don’t know shit about djing or you would know what funk flex is about and that theres more to djing than ill cuts..personality is the difference between good djs and legends

  11. R yall aware that Flex used to fill in for Red Alert and Chuck Chillout on kiss fm when these records were being played.jesus do ur research u nuts.This is hip hop.

  12. ThE dickhead below, knows nothing about DJing, or HipHop.
    Flex put it down for not only 5 hours, but has rocked NYC for well over a decade on radio and clubs. Perifuckinid.

    # real djs have real skills SHITTED :
    July 6th, 2007 at 6:09 pm

    yo dope tracks….BUT funkmaster flex is trash!
    All those damn baby scratches are played out! Dude is a just a radio personality…real dj’s know he’s trash on the decks…..
    jazzy jeff would murder a 90’s set!

  13. PMD – Congrats on the Hot 97 gig, and props to you for uploading this joint. This is vintage Funk Flex, in his true form from the mid-90′s when I had the privilege of working with him. Classic hip hop from Ritz, Palladium, Mars and Tunnel days for real. Keep up the good work!

  14. That’s what I’m not talking about Pete, hitting a brother with music so dope that I’m forced to give you the following plug:

    “When I’m not downloading questionable porn like “Dyslexic midgets 3″, turning women into lesbians with what I call a “Black Myth Ruiner”, or giggling like a school girl at the irony of me defecating digested devil’s food cake on Pat Robertson’s front lawn – I’m bumping that Peter Rosenberg shit!!” lol

  15. Anyone that starts a show with Rakim is ok with me. Man Flex plays the songs that I like to listen to. I dont listen to the radio anymore but man I have to tell you this is something every dj should do every week on the radio for at least 2 hours in every city. And yes he is having fun lots of energy man. I have not checked Flex since the 90s I remember checking for his mix cds. Man Tim Dog,Pete Rock and more loving it.

  16. this is some nice startercap,timberland wearing, camo close, skiglasses, yo mtv raps memory shit. nice – thanx a lot.


  17. YO! Thank you for dis! This kept me doing my job ALL DAY LONG! I replayed the 3rd segment like 2x, lol. Good looks.

  18. WOW! Thank you sooooooo much! Exactly why I love NY like the T-shirt! Hip Hop is alive. I’m only at the first hour. I’m sure to go BANANAAAAAAAAAAZZZZ on the Wu Tang Set. WU TANG IS FO EVAA! I’ll wait to listen to that later!

  19. Dope Dope Dope Big up to all the nineties heads 4 that was the decade that was,I would like to hear jazzy jeff, yet lets not forget in the nineties where was he? I did’nt hear him, though I do have fond memories of him from when I was a kid not any micheal jackson thing going on understand not like sum o those earlier meomos above thing is jazzy jeff must be in his nineties know wat I mean aight only joking. Flex is good and his mix tape albums were the dopest an I do know wat I mean. Any way Hip Hop is dead for now, time to fill in those gaps in your collection maybe buy jazzy jeff live in philidelphia or something. Anyway who brought jazzy jeff into this it’s flex’s moment and there are better dj’s Long Live the 90′s
    PEACE!!!!!!!!! article bad boy raver 4 reel Signin out GONE.

  20. Yes I do like that era though could FLEX have mixed 2007 Rap,no? Some of the freestyles on his albums were cool, I dig, though some were pretty lame, 2 be honest come 2 think of it a lot of the Hip Hop was pretty lame. Not that I’m criticising or anything cos’ some of the best times in the 90′s were spent smoking a big fat spliff, oh and listening to Rappers kill each other over the mic-in your dreams big boy, and lets be honest most rappers are laughable when it comes to their so called gangster lifestyle cos’ it aint very pleasent when you have to deal with real life scenarios is it? So BIG UP ALL THE REAL HEADS.And CHILL! Most Entertaining

  21. yeah when will wrappers pay the price u no they gots 2 pay. people like me dont take to kindly to the fact that theres a lot of people out there who walk around like they no, they dont know they gots to pay u cant get away with fakin the fraud when you know you gots to pay everyone nos these rappers an there gay fuckin dj’s are fakin da fraud and they gots 2 pay when the f**k is flex gonna pay motha f**ker. jazzy jeff and his homosexual f**kin’ friend the f**kin deaf prince he’s gotta pay too and you you gotta pay the price for fakin’ the funk tooo. WORD UP now get in here and buy some of this dope s**t from me and REMEMBER you gotta PAY the man to be the man U GOT 2 PAY!!!! OUT

  22. i think he only did this cause rosenberg is getting credit for playing some real shit. flex be like “yo i’m real too!!” lol. it’s cool though. i still remember when he would play the good sh*t aaaaaaall the time.

  23. Ah.


    One of My blog homied sent me this link.

    Hip Hop ain’t dead.

    Its just that the good stuff is mummified.

  24. Yo Flex,

    Shit is hot, I was all smiles fam…I am from Columbus, Ohio reminds me of my man Sony Dacus from the NY who used to bring me all the mix tapes… Good to hear all that good shit, I listened to all 5 hours man!!!


  25. I remember having my moms apartment bangin’ during this time every Friday and Saturday night! Windows shakin’.

  26. I have to say, that I could not agree with you in 100% regarding t Get Gassed!!!! Funk Flex will still SHUT SHIT DOWN!!, but it’s just my opinion, which could be wrong :)

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